How To Feel Free and Worthy

how to feel worthy

Feeling Worthy Is Your Birthright

Worthiness is an emotion you experience yourself, as nobody else can make you feel worthy. Just as nobody can make you feel unworthy. It is your birthright to feel worthy in every aspect of your life because you were born to make manifest the glory within.

In fact, you have so much free will that you can actually choose whether to allow yourself to feel worthy or not.

Feeling worthy will align you with all the joy in the Universe; it is the emotion that allows dreams to come true.

Nobody can Steal your Self-Worth

Nobody can take your worthiness away, even though it can seem that way sometimes. There are times in all our lives when we think that others know what’s better for us than we do. That could be a parent, a teacher, a mentor, a friend or a lover. There are many people you are willing to turn your worth over to, and yet it’s yours and yours alone to keep, nurture and grow.

Self-worth can’t be stolen but it can be hidden or heavily disguised so that you have the impression that it no longer exists and that you don’t deserve to feel worthy.

Your Opinion of your Self-Worth is the only one that Matters

Nobody else’s opinion of your worth matters. You were born worthy, you are worthy and your feeling of worthiness will move you beyond the dreams of ordinary people. Your self-worth doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just disguised and becomes invisible through the eyes of unworthiness.

Your feeling ordinary will not serve your purpose or the world. You were actually born to feel worthy and to express that in the world that gives you freedom and joy. It isn’t the decision or the opinion of anyone else as others will always judge. Self-worth is a lonely road of self-discovery leading to power and freedom within.

Measure Of A Worthy Person

A friend of mine was relating a story of someone she knew who had won the lotto. “He was the type of person who would go every week to drink with friends and eat their food.” When challenged as to why he didn’t contribute to the bounty, he never returned to the group. Not long after, he won a major lotto draw. It seems like she didn’t understand how someone who was seemingly there only to take, could now be receiving so much by winning lotto. It just wasn’t fair to her.

She was under the illusion that fairness was judged by how deserving one seemed to be, based on the opinion of others. This is a common opinion.  However, these are illusions of your own perspective, as you don’t know and can’t see the bigger picture. To have a sense of unfairness you are focusing on what isn’t wanted. To have a sense of worthiness you are focused on what is wanted.

Furthermore, when you think another is undeserving, you are stubbornly thinking that you are right and the Universe has the same opinion. However, fairness and judgment are based on your own perceptions and beliefs. On your experiences but more importantly, it is consequently based on how you feel about those experiences.

There Is No Judgment

The Universe does not judge people based on your opinions. Your judgments have no bearing on how others feel about themselves. You have absolutely no influence on the Universe as regards another person. In other words, you can’t wish ill on them, to influence an outcome in their lives. As a result of these judgments, the only person a sense of unfairness affects is the person feeling the disharmony. It is how you express an opinion, based upon your perception of a situation. Fairness is the opinion of another person’s deeds.

To Feel Worthy

It takes practice to change the way you do something. A thought you think over and over, creates a pattern. That pattern of thought becomes a belief and is a guide to how you live your life. Consequently, to feel worthy, you need to think thoughts that reinforce your worthiness. No matter what has taken place in the past, you can create new patterns of thought to feel worthy.

Make a conscious choice to monitor you thoughts so you can:

  1. Choose thoughts that are uplifting
  2. Change your focus from noticing what isn’t working in your life to
  3. Notice what is working and

you will create a habit of worthiness.

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Gayle Maree

Who am I?

I’m Gayle Maree, creator of 6 Dimensions of Healing, author, mother of 7 and Spiritual Counselor for over 23 years.

Someone once told me (a well-respected mentor) that people need “experts” to live a life they value… and I didn’t believe them.

I thought everybody could do it on their own because I did. I figured out what didn’t work in my life and then I changed it. Actually, I changed me. And it was a LOT of work!

Not because I was trying to impress those that told me I had a ‘bad attitude’ or I had something to prove to people who thought I was lousy at pretty well everything, but because there were aspects of me that even I didn’t like. I wanted improvements in me and my life.

Change Versus Comfort

It was obvious to me that if I didn’t make changes I could expect more of the same in my life as before. The same things that didn’t work, the same relationships that my parents had.

I wanted more. Mostly, I wanted my kids to be proud of me. Damn it, I wanted to be proud of myself.

So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

I’ve been with my Spiritual Soulmate over 30 years now and we still work on the relationship, we work on improving us, because we know that whatever we want, to get it we need to be different to how we were.

And I listen so much more now because I value the wisdom of my non-physical guides who have been with me for as long as I can remember.

Now it’s your turn

This is the same path I used to make the changes that led to a valued and prosperous life. So much more than I ever imagined.

The path is laid out in our book 6 Dimensions of Healing

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