Does Opportunity Only Knock Once?

Have you heard the saying “Opportunity only knocks once”? Or, my favorite, “You need to be ready so that when opportunity comes knocking on the front door, you’re not out the back taking out the garbage”. Even, “there is only ever a small window of opportunity”.

There are many sayings about missed opportunities and you can add yours as well, but all of them give that sense of being aware of opportunities or else they disappear forever. When they are gone, there is a sense of loss, regret, despondency or even depression. Which means it all points to scarcity and missing out on something wonderful. Yet, everyone has missed opportunities in their lives somewhere.

What the saying should read is more like, “That opportunity will only knock once. However, there are many more lined up to take its place. So if you aren’t ready for that one, just take the next, or the next. And as you take some of those opportunities that present themselves, you expand who you are and as that happens, more opportunities open up that weren’t even available a few years ago. Your opportunities grow as you do, they expand because of who you are and you rendezvous with them when you’re ready”. I guess that’s a bit long winded though.

Who Creates Opportunity?

The big opportunities begin as dreams. The smaller ones as goals and the more frequent from desires. It’s your own dreams and desires that create opportunity to begin with, so it isn’t likely that you will ever be left behind.

So how did this common belief about opportunity only knocking once come about? “Opportunity only knocks but once” is an idiom that has been used by sales leaders all over the world to motivate their sales team to be more profitable. The thinking is if they think they won’t have another chance, then they will take this one.

However, it’s not new and the sales industry did not invent it. It can actually be traced back to ancient times. From 8 A.D., meaning “When you see an opportunity to improve your lot, act quickly and resolutely, lest you never get another chance”. The French had a similar meaning back in the 16th Century (meaning “There is no opportunity which comes back again”). But long before that, “Opportunity is seldom presented, easily lost” appeared in Sententiae about 43 B.C.

And it’s not that these sayings are wrong. They aren’t. No opportunity comes back again no matter how long you wait for it. It can’t, ever. That’s because nothing stays the same. As you move forward in life, you are different, your circumstances change and that opportunity no longer exists as a rendezvous point. Because that is what opportunity really is, a rendezvous point between your thoughts and desires.

How Does Opportunity Occur?

It may just seem as trivial as a chance meeting or it may seem as significant as a lotto win. Which means it may be noticeable at the time of arrival or only in hindsight. So you see, planning for an opportunity to arrive is difficult when you don’t know when, how or who it is coming from. And yet, people take opportunities all the time, across the world in this very moment.

The question that’s important to me is “How am I to be ready for the opportunities that arrive?” That’s the question I would be asking. The answer is really simple. You need to be a vibrational match with what you want. To do that, you just need to feel as good as you can as often as you can. In this way, you are going to notice any opportunity that crosses your path.

Should You Take Any Opportunity Presented?

However, the next question to ask is “Do I want to take this opportunity?”  It may not seem obvious, but not all opportunities come with perfect timing. When you have held yourself apart from that rendezvous point for a long time and nothing happens, you choose another direction. It’s when you move on to something else that the opportunity appears from the last direction. An opportunity that you would have given anything for a few months ago, can now seem less desirable on another path.

I know I have let go of some opportunities for this reason. I’ve just moved on. Some I’ve had a twinge of regret but even in that regret, I have made new choices. The purpose of opportunity is dual in that it helped me to refine and expand because of what I didn’t choose to take advantage of. For instance, around the age of 20, I was offered an Assistant Manager’s position in a large hotel chain. Because of a relationship, I turned the once-in-a-lifetime offer, down. This was regretted later on, when the relationship turned sour. From this experience I made a commitment to myself never to choose a man over my life path. I’ve never had to since.

So is it important to take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that arise? Well you get to make that decision. This means there is no right or wrong answer. Just make a decision then choose to feel good about it, no matter what your choice may be. There may be many reasons why you would turn down an opportunity. Of course, it won’t come again in the same form, but there will always be another and another and another.

Do Opportunities Dry Up?

Why does it seem that sometimes there are no opportunities?

Well, often you are looking in the wrong direction. For instance:

      1. You’re eagerly looking in only one direction when the opportunity is behind you
      1. You have a pre-conceived notion of what it will look like when the opportunity arrives
    1. Or, it’s just not obvious enough to get your attention
    • If you are looking in only one direction, then you are probably over eager. Your expectations are that when something happens in a certain way, then you’ll feel good about it.  The solution is to chill and choose to feel good anyway. When you feel good for the sake of just feeling great, then you will be aware of all directions at the same time.
      • When you have a pre-conceived notion of what the opportunity will look like, then remember to understand that this vision you carry is just for the purpose of feeling good. Unless you are psychic, life doesn’t unfold the way you imagine it. Be open for lots of scenarios from many directions and you will notice when the opportunity arises, no matter from which direction it comes.
    • You expect opportunity to be big and grand, that’s why, through the centuries it has been documented as happening on a seldom basis. However, often opportunity is insignificant and comes in the form of a meeting or a greeting.  Simply from being in the right place at the right time. Therefore, it’s not always gift wrapped with a big bow. It’s merely a stepping stone to the next place and the next, which eventually leads you through the rabbit hole to wonderland. Opportunities aren’t always grand, monumental or in your face, so make sure you are aligned with source, by feeling good, to ensure you take the next step forward.

Opportunity Is A Pivot Point

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just take heart in knowing that if you don’t notice an opportunity then you weren’t ready for it. You can never, ever miss out on anything that is yours as you created it in the first place. There are never, nor will there ever be, any lack of opportunities for you, ever. They are constantly on their way.

You can still be on track, living a great life and not even noticing opportunities.  They may be small and just help you refine your path or your relationship, even your health. It’s merely a pivot point. Not all opportunities are neon lights that turn your life around. Even though, when you look back, most have a changing effect, albeit seemingly insignificant in the beginning.

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