Life is a series of constantly manifesting attractions. Your dreams, goals and desires all seem to be rolled into one. The tricky part is only in understanding how your desire is manifested. It isn’t because you have been good or nice nor is it because you are lucky and you don’t need to qualify to deserve anything you ask for.

A Desire

is a thought that is emphasized by your emotions. When your dominant moodmatches your desire it paves the way for manifestation. Focusing on something wanted is creating a desire and focusing on something unwanted is also creating a desire. Be careful what you give attention to as we are in an inclusion based Universe so when your focus remains on something you don’t want, you are asking to include that which you don’t want in your life. When you are aware of your thoughts and emotions you have the attitude to consciously create your own reality.


are different as they encompass many desires. The goal has a time frame because it is related to other desires. You may want to lose weight because you are excited about your sister’s wedding so the date for the goal is your sister’s wedding. The goal also encompasses feeling good, having a wonderful time, feeling attractive, fitting beautifully into your favorite dress, finding a wonderful partner and the list goes on. The expectation of a goal is probable. There is a time frame because you feel likely to accomplish the task as you become one with the goal.

An active goal needs a dominantly positive attitude which determines a positive outcome.

When you ask yourself what you want and why you want it you can then focus upon how it will feel when it is achieved and as you start to feel at one with the outcome, the goal unfolds into a series of manifesting desires.


are much broader than goals and have many components. The dream is created in the imagination and plants the seed for many goals and desires. These desires may not seem to be related to the dream but they are paving the way for your ‘overnight success’. Dreams feel like possibilities for the future. They live in the imagination and feel wonderful as they grow and change, just as you do. They don’t get closer to you but grow with you. You move closer to the dream until you are a vibrational match and it changes from a possible to a probable outcome.

Dream away!

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