Creating a Routine that Reflects the Best Version of You

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions? You’re not alone. We feel this way because there is a better version of ourselves just waiting to be released. It’s time to shake things up and create a routine that truly mirrors who you’re destined to be. Let’s dive in!

The Power of a Routine

Routines, often unobserved and unappreciated, are the underpinning structures that dictate the flow and rhythm of our daily lives. Like silent architects, they construct our reality, one day at a time. They set the pattern for how we spend our time, where we focus our attention, and the habits we form.

Ultimately, these daily practices shape our minds, mold our characters, and with time, they sculpt the trajectory of our futures. It’s routines that create our reality.

A Routine is your Blueprint

Imagine your day as a building. The routine is the blueprint that guides its construction. Each action, each task each moment of rest is a brick being laid, gradually erecting the structure of your day. Over time, these daily structures compound, forming the cityscape of your life.

But what happens when the blueprint, your routine, isn’t in alignment with your heart’s desires? What if the buildings being constructed daily are skyscrapers when you yearn for cottages, or vice versa?

This dissonance can lead to dissatisfaction, frustration, and a sense of stagnation. This is when you know that a better version of yourself is waiting to be drawn.

Jennifer Needs More Than A Routine

For instance, let’s consider Jennifer, a young professional whose ultimate desire is to become a successful author. However, her routine is primarily filled with activities related to his 9-to-5 job as a financial analyst. She devotes most of her time to number crunching, report writing, and team meetings, leaving little to no room for her passion for writing. Her routine, in essence, isn’t aligned with her aspiration to be a published writer.

Jennifer’s routine, the silent architect, is building a life that’s veering away from her dream. It’s shaping her days into those of a seasoned analyst, not an aspiring author. Her mind is constantly engaged with financial strategies rather than creative narratives. Consequently, her future is gradually being steered towards financial consultancy, away from the rich literary career she dreams of.

Tension from the Wrong Routine

In such a scenario, the further Jennifer moves from her passion, the more tension she feels until something gives. Whether that’s a job loss, an accident, or some other form of self-imposed shift in direction.

That’s why it’s crucial for Jennifer to take a step back and realign her routine to mirror her desires. She begins by:

  • discovering her aspirations,
  • tapping into the best version of herself and
  • making small changes towards a new routine to support this different life.

So, the key takeaway is this: Routines are indeed the silent architects of our lives, but we hold the power to draft the blueprint. And if we don’t like the blueprint we change and refine it to create the best version of ourselves. By intentionally designing our routines to reflect our desires, we can shape our days, our minds, and our futures in alignment with who we truly aspire to be.

Here’s how to do that!

1. Align Your Routine with Your Aspirations

Start by identifying your aspirations. Be bold and think big. Remember, this is about becoming the better version of yourself, not who you are right now. It has nothing to do with the past and isn’t based on past experiences. The past doesn’t hold you back, your memories do. And according to Harvard studies, memories change constantly. So determine your aspirations based on who you want to be rather than who you expect you are. Once you have your goals, it’s all about aligning your routine with these aspirations.

2. Use the Power of your Imagination

Imagine a scenario is which you are living the best version of yourself. Where are you, what’s happening, who are you with. Just fill it in with detail to make it feel real as your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. Just as your nightmare feels real, so can your imagination. Now, imagine you in this scene. Picture yourself, what you look like and more importantly how you feel. Take note of how you are feeling as the best version of yourself.

3. Make Small Changes in the Right Direction

These aren’t necessarily physical changes even though they can certainly lead to physical experiences. These are feeling like the person you just imagined as the best version of yourself feels. To do this your routine could be as simple as waking up 15 minutes earlier to meditate, going for a walk, or swapping your TV time for reading a book on a topic related to something that excites you. By making small changes, you move in the direction of the best version of yourself.

4. Consistency is Key

Consistency is the magic ingredient in a routine that reflects who you’re meant to be. It takes persistence and dedication, but remember, you know how the best version of yourself feels, so consistently choose to feel that way in every situation. I’ve found it helps to write those feeling down so that you can remind yourself often. As when you feel the way you feel as the best version of yourself, you become the best version of yourself. But consistency is key. Acting with those emotions no matter what.

5. Celebrate Progress

Every step towards your aspirations is worth celebrating. If you’ve achieved that ‘better version of yourself’ feeling, then celebrate that. Whether it’s sticking to your new routine for a day, or a week, or noticing a positive shift in your mindset, celebrate your progress. It will become easier the more often you practice because you are owning this new version of yourself.

The Routine Journey Ahead

This journey of aligning your routine with the better version of yourself is not a quick-fix. It’s an exciting commitment to becoming the best version of yourself. But the rewards are endless as you are actually creating your new life based on who you want to be and not who you were once. This means that with consistency, persistence, and a sprinkle of self-love, you’ll be on your way towards a life that reflects who you’re truly meant to be.

If you’re not already the best version of yourself now, in other words, if you can imagine something better for yourself then it’s time to develop a new routine. One that is created by you, for you and with you. The Universe constantly supports your highest adventures and will bring into your life the experiences to support this new version of you.

Now’s the time to make a change. Start your journey today and let your routine be the stepping-stone towards the life you’re destined to lead. A life that mirrors your dreams, passions, and true self. Remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about progress towards the better version of you. So, take the first step and adjust your routine to reflect who you’re meant to be!

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