[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Feeling an inner connection with all you have become is the pivotal experience of joy. This connection provides clarity, and there is safety and knowing in this moment. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Unless you have created an inner connection, it can be difficult to process life in a way that is beneficial to you and those around you. Forming this space can be a conscious creation. In times of stress or when you want to feel a deeper connection with Source, there is somewhere to visit that is free and wonderful.

Inner Connection

The place of inner connection is what we refer to as your Piece of Paradise. It is a focus you create for healing the physical body and balancing the mind. It can help you find clarity, and gain the information needed to make decisions. This is a place in your mind where you can feel safe, as only those who are invited can enter. This place is comfortable, light, and alive. There’s a huge interactive screen, which can project your past, present or future if desired. There’s knowledge in all the reference material you could ever need, access to all the information you could ever want and even an elevator with a rainbow, cleansing shower.


You can visit to instigate change and healing in your life or for relaxation, to feel refreshed and revitalized when you leave. It’s an innovative place where you can make plans, ask questions, meet your guides and anyone else you would like. This space is uniquely yours and there is not another like it in the whole Universe. It belongs to you and can’t be sold or stolen. It’s yours to be treasured forever and is completely free.

So how do you create your ‘Piece of Paradise’?

This ‘Piece of Paradise’ is much clearer when you are relaxed so the first part of this journey is all about relaxation. When your Piece of Paradise is set up, you can quickly move there in a few minutes or instantly. If you need to relax at any time in the future, use this method from the beginning. Recording this method on to your phone will allow you to relax and listen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row” css=”.vc_custom_1515215179421{background-color: #87ba6a !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

You’ll need to find a quiet place for at least 45 minutes

wearing comfortable clothes, to set up Your Piece of Paradise for the first time.



The Relaxation

Sit somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. Loosen any tight clothing and put a pillow behind your neck if necessary to get comfortable. It is fine to lie down; the only drawback is that you might fall asleep. Sleeping is a benefit in itself, though not for the purpose of setting up your Piece of Paradise.

We have divided this method into 4 Steps so you can follow, and added double line spacing so its easier to read and record.

Focus gently on your breathing. Feel the ease and flow of each breath in and out, as the life-giving air moves down your throat and into your chest. Feel the breath as it flows in and around your body. Breathe in and out, slowly, and gently. As you breathe out, release all the tension in your body, and allow your body to relax. Take a few slow, gentle breaths and each time you breathe out, breathe out all the tension from your body and allow yourself to relax.

As you gently breathe in and out, use your imagination to see in your mind’s eye a gate at the top of a forest path. Open the gate, and in front of you are some mossy, stone steps. Holding the rail, slowly walk down the steps, counting them from ten to one. Each step you take helps your body feel more and more relaxed. Each step allows your mind to let go and feel peaceful. By the time you get to one, you’re going to feel very relaxed in your body and peaceful in your mind.

Take the first step now.
Ten: notice the lush forest all around you,
Nine: the steps are easy and there’s a handrail if needed.
Eight: going gently down, feeling very relaxed
Seven, six, five: it’s easy to see where you’re going and very relaxing, it feels just like walking through a veil of relaxation.
Four: your body starts to feel heavy, as though the muscles can’t hold it anymore,
Three: you are feeling more and more relaxed,
Two: you are nearly there, and at the count of one, your mind will feel more peaceful than ever before.
Wait for it,
ONE: Your whole body feels relaxed; your mind is peaceful and you’re about to embark upon a journey you’re really going to enjoy.

The Visualization

You find yourself standing on the earthen edge of a gently flowing stream.

There’s a small jetty nearby, so you walk on over.

As you get closer, you can see a small boat tied up to this jetty.

It looks inviting and feels right, so you board the boat, and sit back

on the pillows inside it for comfort.

The weather is just perfect; there’s a gentle breeze; and the sun is

peeking through the treed canopy and sparkling like diamonds, as

it dances on the water.

The boat becomes free of the jetty, and gently floats down the stream.

As the gentle current takes it downstream, you lean over the edge

of the boat and trail your fingers in the sparkling, crystal-clear


It looks so inviting that you slip over the edge of the boat and into

the crystal-clear water.

It feels cool and refreshing, and you can swim effortlessly.

You follow the fish and swim down under the water through

rainbows of color, swimming down through



yellow, deeper and deeper through


blue and


Just as the color becomes violet, you find yourself on a sunny bank

of the stream.

Following the tree-lined path, you notice your clothes have

changed to ones that are dry, flowing, light and comfortable.

The path opens out into a lush green glade.

Flowering plants and trees surround it.

The only piece of furniture is a garden bench, placed purposely to view the vast array of flowers.

As you sit and watch the splendor, you’re amazed that the colors are so effervescent as they have such depth. The light breeze is a perfect temperature, there are no bugs and you feel very comfortable.

You’re mesmerized by the plants, as they seem to sway in rhythmic unison.

The bees are dancing on the flowers, and the whole garden seems to be alive.

It’s a different type of alive than what you’ve been used to. It’s as if the senses are piqued and you’re witnessing the clarity of nature, as if for the first time.

On the far side of the glade, you notice a path meandering through the garden and past the trees.

It seems to be beckoning.

You follow the path through the trees to a clearing, where there

stands a large house.

This house seems comfortable and familiar, so you move closer.

As you reach the front door, it opens and you’re greeted by a

friendly familiar figure.

Casually walking through the door, you seem to know exactly

where to go.

Down the long hallway and through a door.


Creating Your Workshop Od The Mind

This door is the entrance to what you will fondly refer to as your workshop.

As you enter the workshop, you start to imagine things, and where

they should be placed.

To your amazement, as soon as you imagine something, it appears.

It’s as if you have a direct connection to creation.

On one wall, you imagine a large television screen that covers the whole wall and it appears. In front of it you position a comfortable lounge, settee, or sofa.

The wall opposite, houses storage containers but you have no idea yet of what they hold.

A computer is on a desk next to them.

Exploring the room, you are drawn to an exquisite solid-crystal bed taking pride of place in the center of the room. Feeling the cool smoothness, the lights of the crystals activate and glow with your touch. You recognize it as a healing bed, and you’re excited because you know you can place anybody you like on this crystal bed, and they will gain wonderful benefits, both physically and emotionally.

There’s also a wooden chest next to the crystal bed with a note in your handwriting saying, ‘To Fix Things’ and curiously you open it to find hardware tools. There’s a hammer, a chisel, an electric drill, and a few other tools you haven’t used before. With no idea of what needs fixing, you continue to look around knowing that it will be clear when the time comes to use them.

In the far corner, there’s a door. It doesn’t open manually but there are buttons on the side. You press a button, the door opens, and a rainbow of colors reaches out to greet you. The most colorful elevator you’ve ever seen materializes and you realize it’s a rainbow shower, which cleanses whoever enters.

This is the only way another person may visit your sacred workshop. They must be invited and they’re greeted by a healing rainbow in the elevator. A note on the table beside the elevator

indicates that this is a quicker way for you to arrive at this workshop. Just by counting from 10-1, you can arrive in the elevator with the healing rainbow shower. Moving closer to the rainbow shower, the effects are already being felt by your body as it responds to the deep relaxation. You breathe in the deep relaxation.

Immersing Yourself In Your Connection

Walking back to the lounge, you sit and ponder, as there is so much to absorb. This place has a wonderful feel about it. You feel a real sense of belonging without knowing why. The huge screen in front of you is looming, but there seems to be no remote controls, only buttons on the armrest. Even as you think of turning it on, the screen springs to life. This is a screen of the mind and it portrays the past, present and the future. The buttons are there in case you want to turn it off or change channels. This is a very safe environment, and if you aren’t ready to see or recall something, you have the power to turn it off; it’s easy. This is a place that is comforting and nurturing, so there is nothing to fear.

You sense a wonderful feeling of privacy without feeling alone, and you realize through its personalized layout that this is a place you have been many times previously. The notes even bear your handwriting.

Each of the drawers on the wall is vividly labeled. One is labeled ‘The Right Words’ and when you open the drawer, it is empty but for a piece of paper that is written ‘Welcome Back’. You realize that all these drawers are empty until you need them, and this is a tool for communication with your Higher Self.

As you leave this mesmerizing place through the rainbow shower, you turn for one last look at this wonderful Piece of Paradise to etch the feeling of belonging into your memory. There’s an excitement as you realize that anytime you choose to return, either by the forest path or the elevator, you can feel connected. Anyone you choose to invite (either physical or non-physical) can only arrive through the elevator, and you will always feel safe and uplifted. You hold yourself proudly, as you walk into this special elevator with a smile on your face and press the button. As it travels from ten to one, the door opens, and you find yourself back where you started at the gate near the forest path. The world looks clear and fresh, and as you begin to doubt that your journey was real, you notice you’re holding a piece of paper.

In rich text are written the words ‘Welcome Back’.

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