Healing Means Balance

Healing Means Balance

Healing is a very intimate experience. It is extremely personal and different for everyone. When describing the act of healing, it is usually determined by how you are feeling this moment. For instance, if you have a body that is in pain, healing would be having a lessened or pain-free experience. If you are in an abusive relationship, healing would be determined by a feeling of safety which isn’t present at the moment. To be in a state of healing, means that you are moving in a direction you are happy with.

So it really depends on where you are standing today, as to what healing means to you.

Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit

Essentially though, healing means a balance of body, mind and spirit. When your body is in balance it is pain-free, supple and moves freely. When your mind is in balance, it feels clear and free, and when you have a balanced outlook on life, your spirit feels free.

The most important step on the journey to healing is understanding Relief.

When you are in a place of not wanting what you have, for whatever reason, and it is really uncomfortable, the first step on the path of healing is relief. Relief is always your turning point in the direction you want to go.

A feeling of Relief comes when any situation feels a little better than it did previously. That statement may seem broad but you’ll come to understand the feeling of Relief in your own life and  recognize the feeling that accompanies it, under many circumstances.

For instance, if you are afraid walking home in the dark, a sense of Relief can come if a crowd walks with you or you get to a place of safety, or maybe someone you know gives you a ride. The circumstances are many and varied but the situation is what usually changes to create a sense of relief. Fear is not a place where you want to dwell for long, so relief is a stepping stone from fear towards balance.

Relief is Your Measure

Relief is also the savior of undermining your healing. When you are on the path to feeling better, it is easy to look at how far you have to go and feel discouraged. This is undermining your journey and will delay and progress that was imminent. It’s like throwing cold water on a fire and expecting it to roar. The momentum has been dampened. We all want change for the better.

The catch in wanting a situation to change, be it fear of walking home in the dark, a sore toe, debilitating illness or even a toxic relationship, is that you are wanting external sources to move so that you can feel better. You want others to change so that your life can get better. You want the situation to change so that your life can move forward.

You Can’t Change Other People

Well, the great news, depending on how you look at it, is that you can’t change anyone or anything. The only thing you ever have control over, is how you feel.  That’s really empowering news for 3 reasons.

  1. People tend to be fickle. They change their minds, they don’t respond in predictable ways. They are really difficult to try and consistently control.
  2. You only need to change how you feel, to instigate healing. Just a feeling of relief will turn you in the direction of balance.
  3. You only need you. Nobody needs to help you do this. It doesn’t matter if that toxic person at the office doesn’t change or your big toe still hurts, you have the choice of looking for things that feel better. That creates relief. Which instigates a healing response in your body, naturally.

Dr Wayne Dyer put it beautifully when he wrote: You’ll See It When You Believe It.

Not the other way around. For healing to occur, it’s never the situation that needs to change first, it’s the mindset. Sometimes they even happen together as the situation is waiting to change, it’s the mindset that is the hold up. When you can change your focus from broken to whole, then your body and your life will also move in that direction.

Beliefs That Are Supportive

You were born a balanced human being and, for most people, you were born healthy. It’s the beliefs you adopted when young that keep your prisoner in a life or body you are unhappy with.  To shed the beliefs, you need to cease the debilitating self talk from your repertoire that holds you from this natural healing balance. How do you know whether your beliefs are paralysing or supportive? Take notice of your mood. When you think a thought, does it make you feel good or not? If you aren’t sure which, are you smiling or frowning? If you are frowning, the thought doesn’t support healing, it doesn’t support balance and it certainly doesn’t support you.

To begin right change for the better right now, you can look for Relief. Choose a thought that is neutral. Something about the grass or the weather that you don’t really have much of an opinion on. You can begin to feel a calmness. Some space in the chaos of thought.  Then look for something you like a little. Your dog playing, a kitten, playing ball with the kids etc and you will begin to feel a little better. Keep looking for thoughts that feel better and better and you will soon be feeling in a much better mood. And it does get easier, that’s because, the more you feel better, the more thoughts similar to those are attracted.

Practice Looking For Things To Feel Good About

In any situation, in any pattern of self talk, in any conversation, look for a thought that will give you a feeling of Relief. Over and over again. It’s worth practicing as the more you do, the easier it gets and the more effective it becomes.

For any healing to occur, you need to choose different thoughts to create a new pattern. A different thought, a different opinion, a new perspective. That’s the path to new information, opportunities and a really great life. It’s not difficult, it just takes awareness, so give it a go!

When you change your mood, you create a new reality.

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How To Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection

How To Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection

Did you know that what you think and how you feel, comes out in your body? It’s a true indicator of the mind-body connection.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells that each have intelligence. They know exactly what they need to do to be in balance and create optimum health at any time. This is your peak experience of health and well-being.

Importance of Balance

Each of your cells intelligence is programmed from inception to be in balance, but these same cells can be reprogrammed. This happens when they eavesdrop on your thoughts and your thoughts are not supporting that balance of health and well-being.

Just think, your body is perfectly balanced in health and well-being when you are feeling healthy and balanced. As soon as you begin to think otherwise, your cells begin to listen. Think thoughts often and they become a belief. This belief creates your mood and your body responds to this new programming.

For instance, studies have been conducted that connect anger, anxiety and rage with everything from heart failure to cancer. But you don’t even need to be angry. Sadness will lower your immune system so that you are susceptible to even the common cold. When you are depressed you have depressed cells. When you are excited, your cells are in peak condition and exude endorphins.

How Did You Come To Be Out Of Balance?

When you were born, you were a perfect expression of joy. You were still feeling the connection of source energy from where you came and life was simple and wondrous.

As you grew, your parents began to mould you into their belief patterns by feeding you indicators of whether they thought you were moving in the right direction or not. These indicators were smiles and encouragement when you did something that was pleasing and admonishment when you did something that wasn’t.  So rather than listen to the Mood Barometer within, you began to listen to the guidance of your parents, or whoever brought you up.

Now this would work well if your parents were balanced and understood that you were an advanced being that had its own barometer which would guide you along your path brilliantly. But most parents didn’t and still don’t understand this, thinking that a child is an empty vessel that needs to be filled with ideas and beliefs that are outdated and inaccurate.

Listening To Your Own Guidance

As soon as you began to please someone else rather than listen to your own Mood Barometer, your mood began to shift and you felt less than great. When you would express how you felt, you would be guided in a way that took you further and further from that good feeling place where you began your journey.

Instead of listening to your own guidance, you began to look for others to indicate how you were traveling. If your friends were happy, you must be doing something right and if they were angry with you, you must have done something wrong. This is the reprogramming that occurred. It taught you to listen to others instead of listening to yourself. You have reprogrammed your Mind-Body belief system.

Finally, For The Truth

You weren’t taught what a wondrous, amazing human being you truly were. That you were born on this leading edge of reality with all the tools necessary to create the Best Reality you could imagine. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in every one of us. And we all began the same.

So when you were further from your life’s purpose you would feel a little less great. A little further still and you would begin to feel moods that weren’t balanced with your optimum health. These were your indicators of reprogramming. It didn’t agree with who you really were so it didn’t feel good. If you stayed in that mood for long, you would begin to feel the effects in your body as the cells eavesdropping on the thoughts in your mind, would show you evidence of how you felt through your body.

A Foolproof System

It was a foolproof system, designed so that you would take notice of your pain and clean up your thoughts so that you could once again be in balance with your health and well-being. It is a really simple system. All pain is the imbalance of your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your mood. Your dominant mood creates your reality, both in your body and in your life.

So now that you do know the power of your thoughts, choose them carefully and clean up the resistance in your body. Your body will thank you.

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