5 Steps For A Winning Routine Before You Even Get Out of Bed

5 Steps For A Winning Routine Before You Even Get Out of Bed

If you want something to change in your life and your business, you know you need to change your habits and developing a winning routine is key.

A Winning Routine Is The Key To Business Success

I’m sure you knew this, but did you know it can be as simple as setting your morning up to begin that momentum in business success.

Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I’ve used my waking first half-hour to set up my day and in doing that, I’m also setting up my future for success.

Many people jump out of bed to the call of an alarm and then rush to get ready to leave the house. No matter whether you work from home or away, there is a lot you can do to set your day up before you even set foot on the floor.

My Morning Winning Routine

Here is my morning winning routine.

  1. Set your inner clock to wake naturally. This helps you get the cycle of sleep needed to feel great. Our body clock will time this beautifully with practice. The only time I ever use an alarm is for unusual early rises such as a 4am flight or an early triathlon I need to travel for.
  2. Listen to a recorded meditation. No thinking, just listening, breathing and feeling great. If you don’t have a recorded meditation (mine are on my phone), focus on your breath. In and out. 10-15 minutes is all you need.
  3. Visualization. Imagine your future. What’s down the track for you and how do you want to feel about it? All elite athletes use visualization as a part of their winning strategy and if you want the edge, it will become a part of your winning routine too.
  4. Send the light ahead of you. Wind golden light along your path. Imagine your physical path in a car or train, at work, in your work whether it’s a course, meeting, computer-generated, a school-run, people you know and those you don’t. Send the light ahead of you and pave your own path with golden light.
  5. Set your intentions. It’s important to choose what you want for the day. If you don’t, then you’ll be running of default and you probably won’t realize what your default intentions are until the day ends and you realize how drained you are. The first thing in the morning is the best time to set up your day.

Why Is A Winning Routine Better Than Another Routine?

When I first began a routine of setting up my day, my life changed significantly. I found I wasn’t getting in my own way as much and I felt more peaceful and able to cope with whatever the day delivered. By the end of the day, I still felt great even though I was doing a lot more.

They’re the advantages of a winning routine. We all have routines, but most of them happen by default. They’re just patterns we’ve developed and never changed. Like dragging yourself out of bed and sitting down with coffee and a newspaper. Sure, have your coffee but begin with a winning routine first.

5 things before you get out of bed

Our minds are like the software of a computer. They only run on what we give them, so if the software is the newspaper and the tragic things that are happening in our communities and across the world, that affects your mood and that then determines your day.

Pushing the Reset Button

Of course, there may be times where you’ll need to reset your intentions. Just because you begin the day well, it doesn’t mean it will stay in an upward trajectory. Life, like business, is about refining and resetting.

You have no control over others, but you do have control over your response. So, if you find after a meeting that you’re agitated or you read an article that makes you angry, it’s time to tweak your mood.

You can push the reset button just by breathing. Take two minutes to follow your breath in and out, then restate your intentions. Be willing to flow and adjust. There is nothing rigid in nature. Everything is created flexible and so are we.

PS. By the way, my default intentions are simple. They’re to ‘feel great no matter what’.

PPS. People have asked me about yoga and exercise and they’re both great but you don’t usually do them in bed, so develop your winning routine and then do your yoga or exercise. It’s all about the winning edge.


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How Learning Lessons Can Sabotage Your Dreams

How Learning Lessons Can Sabotage Your Dreams

There are many paths we can choose to navigate this life and learning lessons is just one of them.

A wise woman told me many years ago to stop saying that I was learning because, in that way, I was setting up more and more lessons for myself. When I stopped doing that, life flowed much more easily. I had chosen a different path. It didn’t mean I became ignorant or that I didn’t uncover and discover more about the Universe and how we operate within it, but I stopped setting up lessons for myself. It was a huge relief.

There are many paths we can choose to traverse this lifetime. The preferred path and the one recommended by my guidance, is joy. We will always get to where we’re going, it’s the journey that determines whether it’s fun and joyous or paved with challenges and lessons. The journey represents our life. I chose the path of joy.

Lessons are often presented through challenges, while expansion is presented through opportunity. There is no wrong path, only paths we choose and they all get us to where we are going.

Why Is Setting Up Lessons Innate?

It’s a part of not knowing who we really are. We have been taught that there is an almighty Being that is omnipresent and in comparison we are small and insignificant. From that beginning, we climb our way into believing that maybe, if we are the chosen one, we can make a difference. If not in the whole world, maybe in our own lives. We are taught that the Universe doesn’t revolve around us and that we’re only as good as being nice affords us. In a nutshell, we are inferior as human beings, there to be manipulated at the will of a God or Deity.

It’s no wonder that we feel we must keep learning. With that belief as our background, it’s a wonder we become anything that feels like worthiness and love.

But it’s all a scam. It’s one of the biggest scams in history. These beliefs weren’t taught to us for our own higher good. They weren’t instilled so that we could be invincible. Instead, they were created because, as a society, we were much easier to control. As children, we were much more likely to be compliant if we thought our parents were superior.

We Were Born Divine Beings

In fact, we were born in the essence of Divine Spirit. We are not just a part of spirit but we are an extension of spirit. Just like when you remove a cup of water from the ocean, you don’t have a part of the ocean. You actually have the whole ocean, in all its essence, just a smaller size. We have the amazing ability to create our lives in any fashion we choose. From moulding the clay to sculpting the details and then erasing and beginning again if we find ourselves with a sculpture we don’t like. This is how the Universe responds and revolves around us. It actually responds to every thought and request we make, whether wanted or not.

Every person has their own clay to mould and no two sculptures will be the same, no matter how much we try to make others mould in the same way we do. Each mark we make in the clay is a step down our own path of life and each has their own set of consequences. It’s a natural part of the journey of life. We don’t ever need to be learning as we are in a continual process of taking a step, discovering, refining and taking the next step forward. It is the natural process of expansion.

Sculpting life

Learning Lessons Makes Us Stuck

When we feel we need to learn more, we are setting up more and more lessons for ourselves.  So we often get stuck in noticing the consequences. Rather than consequences becoming a part of the sequence of expansion, the lesson becomes the focus, which then attracts more and more lessons, just like it. This isn’t because we were bad or a slow learner, or even need to know more. It’s because of our focus. Whatever we focus on, we create more of. So when we focus on the lesson (which is usually something unwanted), we create more lessons that become bigger and bigger.

It’s like putting a rocky detour in our own path. Sure we can navigate it by climbing or walking around it on the rocky ledge if we want to, but it’s not necessary. There is another path. An easier way of traversing life.

Lessons Delay The Manifestation Of Our Dreams

Lessons also delay our dreams from becoming a reality. Dreams don’t manifest due to timing. They manifest because we have expanded to a place that matches the dream. When we have dreams that we ponder and give birth to, they became their own thought form. They have their own thoughts and expand and grow as we do. That’s why the dream no longer looks the same as the one we gave birth to. In essence, it’s grown up and sometimes becomes hardly recognisable, in a wonderful way.  So, for us to match this dream, we also need to expand and setting up lessons can delay this process. It is much quicker to expand by making choices, refining and making more choices. Simply natural growth.

growth and expansion

Continually Learning Lessons Makes us Feel Like A Student

In our own lives, we aren’t students but pioneers. We have chosen to live on this earth to bring new thought to creation. It’s because of all the experiences and opportunities in our world, that we get to have new thoughts and ideas. These ideas have never been experienced in this world before and we get to collaborate with others to make these ideas truly great. This is not only an expansion for us, but for the whole Universe. When we take a step forward, the Universe expands.

When we see ourselves as students, we don’t feel worthy of an idea that expands worlds.

It also becomes difficult to break through the veil of believing in ourselves. The World needs us to believe we are capable of anything. Limitless beings with expansive ideas. When we can do this, doors open that were previously invisible and opportunities present themselves that were formerly unknown. Not just ideas for living our own lives, but for changing the way others live. For helping others create a life they too love. Just by our very example.

Many new inventions come from non-scientific people as they aren’t limited by what they’ve learnt in school. They don’t abide by laws they know nothing about. We aren’t limited by what we think we need to know.

Lessons Are Limiting For Our Elevation

Learning lessons is limiting ourselves to what others know. We have our very own built-in Barometer. Remembering how to use this system is the key to flying free of the limitations of others thoughts and opinions. Rather than being weighed down by the knowledge of the past, we get to assess whether we are on our own best path or not.

The Universe will respond to us no matter what our vibration. So when we feel we are learning and that we have much to learn, the Universe naturally provides more lessons as that is our request. We don’t request from the Universe with our words but with our vibration. The need for learning will result in the manifestation of lessons. Lots of them. In fact, there is no end to the amount of lessons the Universe will provide if you ask. Education is different to setting yourself up for lessons. Education is the process of knowledge, lessons are an optional life path. There is not always education in lessons. Mostly, there is disappointment and a feeling of defeat.

Just ask yourself how many times you have asked ‘Why me?’ when something you don’t understand happens. Is this just another lesson you’re setting yourself up for? Maybe ‘What’s Next’, would be a different path for a new direction.

Growth Isn’t A Lesson, It’s Both Natural & Inevitable

Education is part of the process of expansion. We naturally gain knowledge from the consequences of our actions so that we can refine for our next desire and our next. This process is fluid. It flows beautifully and allows our lives to become amazing. We get to choose our focus and it is much easier to become focused on what we want when we know we’re not being punished for something we may have done. Lessons help us get stuck in the process of guilt, thus not allowing the flow.

Check with your own Mood Barometer next time you hear yourself speak “Why me?” or “What did I do wrong?” See how it makes you feel. Then make another choice by asking yourself “What do I want?” Continue your journey with 6 Dimensions of Healing – Handbook 6 dimensions of healing handbook Amazon Au   Barnes & Noble   Amazon US
6 Steps To Unconditional Giving

6 Steps To Unconditional Giving

There are two types of giving. Unconditional and Conditional.

  • Unconditional is Spirit given and Conditional is man made.
  • Unconditional feels good immediately and Conditional has the promise of delayed gratification.
  • Unconditional is from the heart, Conditional is from the mind.
  • Unconditional is a connection with soul, Conditional needs connection to others.
  • Unconditional pleases both the giver and the receiver.
  • Conditional needs conditions to be met to feel better.
  • Unconditional Giving increases our energy and Conditional depletes it.

Difference Between Unconditional Giving and Conditional Giving

The difference between Unconditional Giving and Conditional Giving, is the intention. Unconditional giving has the intention of ‘giving because it feels good’. There is no other agenda and no thanks required. On the other hand, Conditional Giving is as the name suggests. Giving to get a return, whether praise, appreciation, acknowledgment. These expectations don’t seem so bad except that if those conditions aren’t met, there are negative consequences.

My Early Experience

This difference between the two types of giving was illustrated to me many years ago when I was a Promotion’s Manager for a charity organisation. I had both paid staff and volunteers to manage and one of the Fundraisers that came under my portfolio was a Thrift Shop. It had only a couple of paid staff, the other dozen or so people were volunteers. Each time I made an appearance, I was amazed at the amount of bitchiness, theft, resentment, complaints and numerous dissatisfactions from the volunteers. In a nutshell, they were complaining that their needs hadn’t been met.

This came as shock to me because I was witnessing people that said they wanted to help but it turned out there was a price, even if it wasn’t money. The price was much more difficult to deal with than finances as it was an unknown quantity. Everyone of them had different needs. If you’ve ever worked with volunteers before, you will understand that most tend to need a lot of praise and appreciation. Now I’m all for thanking people, but this is when I had a huge moment of clarity.

Conditional Giving Is A Crowded Path

I could see that the way I was brought up was the same as these people. I also needed that praise to make my giving worthwhile. They gave because they either thought they had to or because they expected others to fill their cup. This was two-fold. They didn’t realise they were doing it and it was making them miserable. This was a reflection of my life. That’s when my turning point came. I decided ‘no more’. I would choose to give just because it felt good, or not at all.  I felt immediate relief and that’s how I knew it was right for me. I really, really did not want to be like the people I was witnessing. They just weren’t happy campers. This was why I had the realisation. I had thought that if you were retired and could afford to give your time, you would be happy to do so. But I was wrong. If you gave conditionally in the past, retiring is not going to make any difference.

The advantage of Unconditional Giving is the absolute freedom it provides. There is no expectation and nothing needed to feel fulfilled. The act of giving is the reward. It is satisfying, fulfilling, connecting and energising. And I decided I wanted that.

Are You An Emotional Caretaker?

A Caregiver is different from an Emotional Caretaker. A Caregiver is somebody who looks after a person in need, be it the elderly or a disabled person. This giving can either be conditional or unconditional. It’s your choice.

Not all people who give conditionally are Emotional Caretakers.

An Emotional Caretaker is a person who gives because they think that it will please others. They are one part of a relationship triangle. They feel guilty if they don’t help out, yet resentful when they feel they should. A Caretaker will give of themselves in an effort to make another feel good. It seems selfless until you understand that you really have no control over how another person feels. The condition is, that they must feel good and be grateful so that the Caretaker can feel good too. An Emotional Caretaker has an agenda that can be well hidden, even from themselves. When expectations aren’t met, there’s a negative emotional result.

How do you know if you’re an Emotional Caretaker? Caretakers focus on another’s pain so they don’t have to notice their own pain. They focus on another’s needs so they don’t have to look at their own. Always finding others to ‘help’ so that they don’t have to notice what’s going on in their own home. However, the giving is conditional. An Emotional Caretaker needs the receiver to be grateful, so that they can fill their own cup, otherwise they feel rejected and resentful. You can often recognise an Emotional Caretaker by their verbiage. “I give and give and feel drained at the end of the day”. Or “I have to learn to set boundaries” and criticisms like “You’d think they would be grateful”. I can hear you say “That’s me!”

What Are Emotional Caretakers Searching For?

We are taught to be Emotional Caretakers when we are young. It’s how we fit into the family unit. It’s not that anybody said to us “You must be an emotional caretaker”, but our mother or someone we admired probably did it, so we adopted the behavior from them. It had its own rewards. Society thought we were caring and loving. We were validated temporarily so we seemed to fit. However, this is hollow praise as it is outside of us and you can’t fill a cup by tipping water on the outside.

Not everyone wants to give unconditionally and that’s ok. There’s no judgment on how you choose to give. Many people are so accustomed to this style of gratitude that they either think they’re entitled to make others respond to them or they’re afraid to give it up for fear of feeling unloved. Conditional Giving requests praise and adoration. It’s a condition of the Giving, even if it is unconscious. Needing to feel accepted by others lies deep within the psyche, so if we don’t love and accept ourselves, we’ll look for it from others. Here lies the paradox in that acceptance. If we have a need to please and others don’t accept our giving graciously, then we feel resentful. If we give because we feel we have to, we feel drained.

Unconditional Giving fills you and Conditional Giving drains you.

Imagine Unconditional Giving as an unlimited source, such as a flow of electricity. The electricity is the power source and we are the lamp through which it flows. When we are plugged into the power source, we shine brightly. Our light shines for us and others are able to see because of the glow. Our light is unlimited as our power is unlimited. When we detach or unplug from the power source, we are limited in how much light we can give. Our power drains quickly, and even if we have reserves, we are soon depleted with no more to give.

When we understand how giving flows, we’re no longer limited by having to create boundaries as they become natural. Our priorities shift from how much can I give, to how brightly can I shine?

So how would I change the situation I found myself in with the group of volunteers at the Thrift Shop? I would change me and make sure I was plugged in to an energy Source. I would set my intentions to ‘feel good no matter what’, and I wouldn’t step out of my front door until I was plugged in. It just wouldn’t be worth it. I would much rather feel energised at the end of the day than drained.

The only difference between Unconditional and Conditional Giving is the Intention.

6 Steps to Unconditional Giving

If your Giving is Conditional and you would like to change it then follow these steps:

  1. Begin setting intentions to feel good, often.
  2. Take notice of your moods and
  3. What the expectations from others are.
  4. Notice the shift in your mood when something hasn’t gone as expected, especially if there wasn’t even an awareness of expectations in the first place.
  5. Note the way you enter that relationship triangle; by feeling sorry for someone or being manipulated in some way, feeling trapped.
  6. Keep a diary of these thoughts and emotions, it can help to extract them from your mind.

We have taught others we are Emotional Caretakers and now they expect us to act in a particular way. So be ready for the transition to freedom. It can be a bumpy ride but hang on, it’s worth it!

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5 Ways to Stop Energy Thieves

5 Ways to Stop Energy Thieves

We’ve all experienced them. The people that seemingly suck the very energy right from under us. It’s an emotional storm. This had happened to me many times before I had a vision in a meditation that changed my perspective and my life. This is what it looked like.

I was walking down the street with a big bubble around me (my energy bubble), when I came across somebody else (also with an energy bubble). I was feeling great and they were having some trouble. Whilst we were talking I could see our bubbles begin to mix. Eventually, she left the conversation feeling better and I felt drained. We still had our own bubbles but the mix inside those bubbles had changed. Our energy had mingled and my mood had significantly shifted in a direction I wasn’t happy about.

What I discovered from this vision was that we all have our own mood which is symbolised by an invisible (to most) energy bubble around us. Others have their own energy bubble which is determined by their own mood. When we communicate with another, our energies mingle and the most dominant mood wins. In other words, because she was dominantly feeling poor and I wasn’t aware of my mood at all, my mood took a fall (see the mood map) and hers lifted. She felt better and I felt worse.

Energy Vampires

People are often referred to as draining, or a leach or even an energy vampire. These are terms used to describe a union that has left a person emotionally drained. Our first response is to avoid the people altogether and sometimes that can work. But if you don’t know who they are, you need to work with them or they’re a part of your extended family, avoidance is not a good option. However, there is another solution.

It’s easy to blame others for how we feel, but we really do have the power to not only hold our own space, but to influence others towards our own great feeling mood. The reason we get pulled into another’s storms is because we usually aren’t prepared for the adverse weather. Often there is no storm warning.

weather a storm, stop people stealing your energy

?Here are 5 Steps to weather an emotional storm:

1. When holding our own good feeling mood becomes a conscious choice, we are more prepared to weather an unknown storm.

2. Setting our intentions to “feel good no matter what” at the beginning of the day, is excellent preparation for any storm, no matter which direction it arrives from.

3. Become a skilled Spin Doctor to get really good at changing the subject, to follow our own path of joy.

4. Not buying into another’s argument. It’s just their opinion and that’s OK.

5. Having an inner mantra to counteract the hail from the storm. (It’s not my reality. Or Wouldn’t it be great if …)

These 5 steps are your insurance. They will automatically encourage people out of their storm and towards your joy without you diminishing your own mood. It’s only when we are aware that we can maintain our great feeling mood and keep our own energy bubbles intact.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s at work, home or play, we all come across these situations. Our power comes from being prepared so that we can stay in our own strength and joy. Sure it takes practice, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

Let’s face it, what are the options?

Unless you’re going to avoid everybody who’s not in a great mood, it’s much more practical to develop empowering tools to stay energised. Otherwise it’s the blame game that will be played over and over. Which isn’t really a solution, it’s an excuse, because we’re still left drained and annoyed at the end of it.

The other person doesn’t necessarily change. If you’re in control of the union, they may feel uplifted, but the aim of the game is to keep our own mood buoyant. Isn’t that selfish? I hope so. Because if you aren’t selfish enough to help yourself to feel good, nobody else is going to make that their priority. So one of two things will happen. They are either happy to come along for the ride, or they’ll make their excuses to depart. Either way is a win for us.

The 5 steps above are what I used to take my power back and because I do healing work, it was important for me to maintain my frequency. Rather than drained at the end of the day, I felt empowered and re-energised. The bonus is that not only did it help me to focus on what I really wanted and that was, to feel great, but my clients were naturally uplifted as well.

If you’d like to find out more about how energy works get your copy of 6 Dimensions of Healing – Handbook

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Alleviate Fear and Light Your Path

Alleviate Fear and Light Your Path

Let there be light. I often think about what it would be like to go to a new place and set up my life in totally unfamiliar territory. I have done that and I still ponder taking on this challenge again. It didn’t always go according to plan. So that gives me not only a sense of the unknown, but a memory of things having gone wrong. Rather than the fear of a completely knew scenario, there is also the fear that things may not work at all. It doesn’t paralyse me, but it does put that next step on the back burner (at least for a little while).

But that’s not how I want to feel. I want to feel the excitement of a new scene. I want to expand my horizons with new opportunities, and I do want to feel the exhilaration of the wind in my hair as I travel in the fast lane. I really love and want to experience more funcitement. (That’s a word I came up with. It’s excitement without the fear and lots of fun instead.) Getting up every morning with a sense of achievement and a whole new world ahead of me, is my idea of funcitement.

So how do I achieve the fun without the fear?

I pondered this in my meditation and this is the vision I received. My guidance was standing with me. There were many standing behind me and shedding much light in many directions but it was still dark ahead. Then I asked them to move ahead of me and send the light ahead. The fear dissipated as I was surrounded by light. The light wasn’t coming from me and emanating outward. It was ahead of me and lighting the path back towards me.

What was unknown became visible. That’s always the key to fear. Making the unknown, familiar. Rather than the light moving outward, it was illuminating the path in front of me. Instead of it coming from me, it was traveling to me.

Now I know from experience that feeling the funcitement and making decisions is the best way to create joy, however, the next piece of the puzzle is in holding the light. Because when I am on my journey and things happen quickly, as they tend to do, I have a tendency to wander into fear mode. It’s much like buyers remorse but it’s worse. Much worse. It’s decision remorse.  And it leaves me second guessing myself by pondering if I wouldn’t have been better off where I was before. These types of thoughts leave me feeling totally unsupported so it’s not a game I’d like to play over and over again. (Even though many people do.)

Thriving in The Light of Change

I want to feel a sense of sureness and security from a move into the unknown. I need to feel supported. Plus a sense of this being right. Also the feeling of sureness of myself and my decision. To believe in myself, because if it was right before, it is still right now.

It’s practicing that last detail that will advance my journey forward into the unknown. I’m never alone and if I feel that I am, I know I’m not connected to my source energy. When that happens, my focus is to get connected. Because when I’m connected, I can see the light my guidance shines towards me. I feel powerful in my own life. That’s how I want to live my life moving forward. Powerful and connected to who I really am.

alleviate fear, light your path

Finding the Guidance Within

To move in the direction of my dreams I have taken a 30 Day Challenge to spend 10 minutes a day (or night) writing, speaking or recording ‘as if’ the future has already unfolded. In this way my future self is illuminating the path for my reality self. In essence I am showing myself the way forward. It’s tapping into my higher guidance and finding the answers within. I love this method as I glean a lot of insight into what steps to take next.

The ‘as if’ method is nothing new. In fact, imagining ‘as if’ something has already happened is even in the bible I am told. The part that was illuminated for me, is the lighting of the path for my now self to follow. In effect, showing myself the way forward.

If you’d like join me and take the 30 Day Retrospective Illumination Challenge, and follow your own inner guidance, then stay tuned and make sure you join our community.

Intentional Dimension

Intentional Dimension

6 Dimensions of Healing


Intentional Dimension

If the only intention you ever had was to feel good, your life would unfold beautifully

Intentional Dimension

You can change your life and the life of those who are inspired by your optimism by consciously setting your intentions. (more…)