5 Reasons to Reclaim your Power in the Midst of Chaos, Fear, and Anxiety

5 Reasons to Reclaim your Power in the Midst of Chaos, Fear, and Anxiety

5 Reasons to Reclaim your Power in the Midst of Chaos, Fear, and Anxiety

Letting go of Lessons

A wise friend convinced me many years ago not to believe in lessons so that I could stop setting them up for myself. I took it onboard and this advice changed my life. I don’t think I’m a student on this earth to learn lessons and I don’t believe that a God has it in for us. And I definitely refuse to acknowledge that any crisis has happened because I’ve been bad or we as a human race need to suffer or learn something. That just relinquishes your inner power and it suggests we are all the same yet nothing could be further from the truth.

When outbreaks or crises occur around the world, it really disappoints me to hear that people say it’s karmic or that the group of people affected did something wrong. There is no power in that for anyone. I witnessed this ugly side of humanity during the recent devastating Australian bushfires and it crops up on social media often.

The consensus is “If it’s not happening to me then it must be something you did wrong.” This is both naive and archaic. It really goes back to BC days when the rains wouldn’t come so there needed to be a sacrifice to appease the vengeful gods of the day. That certainly didn’t bring about rain because, as we know the seasons change, but it did help some people to justify that the authorities of the time had done all they could. (Unless of course, it was your child that was sacrificed.) As we now know, some years we get a lot of rain and others we get drought and bushfires. Life isn’t about what happens, it’s about how we handle it.

So why did this Pandemic Occur and how Can we Reclaim our Power?

From a spiritual and inner growth perspective, when enough people around the world become fearful for long enough, they create something of enormous proportion that magnifies their deepest insecurities. This plays out on a global scale and for many, it becomes their reality. A total loss of personal power. How long does it last? Until change occurs. And the change is within, you need to reclaim your personal power. It’s available for each and everyone of us.

I can’t speak for everyone and what their circumstances have been. But as an example, I do know that many people haven’t been happy with their lives, working hard to get nowhere with very few prospects for the future and worrying about spending money they don’t have.

Working and spending aren’t the culprits, it’s the reason behind it that’s undermining your stability. Why are you working so hard? To get ahead? Have you forgotten that you’re living now and not in the future, so you need to be present and stand in your own power today? Were you secretly wishing for something in your life to change or have you been hoping that there would be a magic wand waved that would change how humans interact with each other? Don’t feel guilty for wanting change, you didn’t make this happen.

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There is Power in Re-Evaluating Your Life

Crises are like vortexes, they magnify your insecurities to Shine a Spotlight on what’s Missing.

And The one thing they do powerfully, is help you re-evaluate your life. To figure out what’s really important. They redirect your vision to your original purpose for being here and offer you a new vantage point. The advantage of a crisis over the other major reset button (which is death), is that we’re still alive and we get to remember what’s happened. We have wisdom and experience so we get to choose differently.

The first thing I would ask you to do right now is to take stock. To acknowledge how you’re feeling. If you can’t connect with your emotions because your head is in the way, then give it a color or an animal. What color is it like or what type of animal would you be?

Or look at your mood. What mood are you in most often? Fear, apprehension, uncertainty? If you’re not sure, look around you because it will be reflected back into your life and magnified.

It’s early days yet and the growth for most of us is yet to come, but if you can begin to find some peace amongst the chaos, you will find you’ll experience a broader perspective. This happens when we remove ourselves from inside the problem so we can see a solution. You don’t need to wait for a vaccine or the authorities to make you feel safe, you can create your own security within. It has nothing to do with how much money you have, even billionaires feel insecure in these times. But creating your own security within changes everything.

Gaining power over your own life gives you these 5 advantages:

  1. You no longer see these experiences as bad, but as an opportunity for growth and expansion
  2. Fear no longer rules your thoughts or your decisions, so you take your power back
  3. The inner system your were born with, your Mood Barometer, becomes your guiding light, rather than the media
  4. From fear to freedom takes a very short time to occur
  5. You’re able to handle crises from a bigger picture perspective

Never underestimate the significance of taking your own power back, because when you do, you no longer need to blame others for what has occurred. This allows your inner guidance to grow stronger. In effect, you begin to stand outside the chaos, rather than within it. You are guided to places of safety naturally and find good new stories to keep your mood buoyant. You are less on social media and more in touch within and life begins to change around you.

Reality is not a Lesson but an Opportunity

You may think this isn’t facing reality, but actually the reality you are living now is very different to everyone else. It’s made up of how you feel about life and what is looking back at you, so in essence your reality was created by you. If you don’t like the way you’re feeling, then you have the power to create a new reality. It’s not a lesson to battle and contend with. There are so many realities we can create for ourselves, so it makes perfect sense that you would choose one that works, over one you don’t like, doesn’t it? Your reality is created by what you perceive about what you see, not what you’re actually looking at. It’s your mood that determines what you really see, not your eyes.

Two people can walk into the same party and one will look over at a corner and be drawn to the people arguing there and the other will be drawn to some laughter in another part of the room. One will describe the party as being a horrible experience and the other as a fun experience. It was the same party and they had the same opportunities, they both even had two eyes. So what makes them different? It’s simply their mood. Their differing moods helped them to perceive differently and therefore they were drawn to different situations. It wasn’t luck, it wasn’t personality, nor because one group was louder, it was a match. The group they each gravitated towards was a match with their own personal power. Their perception. This is also a glass-half-full scenario.

Find your Peace amongst the Chaos and Create Power in Your Reality

Meditation or mindfulness will help you to step out of the pot of chaos and see the bigger picture. It’s not one of lessons or blame, but compassion and humility. Regular meditation will help you develop trust and intuition and will connect you to who you really are. This isn’t a religious following, it’s tapping into the inner guidance you were born with. This practice will help you bridge the gap from fear, anxiety, doubt, anger and blame, to hopefulness, guidance, clarity, sureness, appreciation and opportunity. There are many meditations out there but I offer you this one that I use everyday, the Golden Light Meditation. You can watch it on video or as an audio download for your phone.

Use the golden light to wrap around everyone and everything, to help you find your peace amongst the chaos and create a your own personal power in everyday life.

Don’t set yourself up for lessons any longer. Instead, stand in this powerful place of knowing that you are well guided and loved and when you remove yourself from the chaos by meditation, you will also gain clarity in your direction and purpose. That’s reclaiming your power.

You really are well loved and guided.

gayle maree

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About Gayle Maree

Gayle overcame decades of limiting beliefs about success and money to live a life she had only dreamt about. She spends her time between USA and Australia (home to their 7 grown children and Natural Health Clinic) and conducts workshops all over the world with husband of 30 years, Allan; helping purpose-driven women like you, shed their old patterns and beliefs to manifest the happiness they truly deserve.

People are attracted to Gayle for the high energy, intuitive insights and deep wisdom; and for the powerful transformation they gain through 6D Mood Mastery.

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Her key course is 6D Mood Mastery©, and 6 Foundations for a Successful Online Business©.

Gayle is a Spiritual Counselor, Mother, Entrepreneur and Eternal Optimist. She is co-author of 6 Dimensions of Healing©, author of 6 Foundations of a Successful Online Business©  and Habits of Happiness.

Her mission is to empower people to recognize their own inner guidance so they can take the path of happiness to manifest their dreams.

3 Tiers of Manifestation – Dreams, Goals, Desires

3 Tiers of Manifestation – Dreams, Goals, Desires

3 Tiers of Manifestation – Dreams, Goals, Desires

Manifestation is constant and relentless

We are all constantly manifesting. Sometimes we create what we want and other times it’s what we don’t want. But there is never a time when we aren’t emitting a signal to the Universe. We’re constantly giving out requests for manifestation.

These requests aren’t with your words and they aren’t what you think you want, they’re actually the result of your vibration. This vibration is caused by your dominant mood. So if you are fearful for a while, your vibration will be fear and the manifestation will be something to be fearful about. This isn’t karma and it often isn’t conscious, but it is still working. For all of us.

How Do We Change Our Manifestation?

We can change what we manifest by being conscious of our thoughts and our moods. When you change your mood from fear to hopefulness, your vibration also changes, therefore you’re now requesting something different. It’s simple to do but takes a little practice.

The keys are:

  • noticing your mood
  • wanting to change it

These keys may seem obvious but not everyone notices their moods. Most aren’t aware of what they think or even how their own moods begin. Let alone how they manifest what happens in their lives.

Now it’s one thing to notice your mood and another to want to change it. Of course, it’s better for you to create a mood that manifests wonderful things in your life, but sometimes you just don’t want to let go of blame and fear because that would mean you’re responsible for your own life. And you are, that’s the empowering part.

3 Tiers of Manifestation

Dreams, Goals and Desires are 3 Tiers of Manifestation.

Our dreams keep us inspired, our goals make us excited and our desires create the joy in our daily lives.

Dreaming or imagining is an integral part of manifestation. It is the first step and sets up your goals and desires. Your dreams design your path and your goals keep the path interesting. Your desires are the steps along the way. Dreams, goals and desires are all a part of the tapestry of life but they are different. They serve a different purpose.


These are our inner fantasies. They’re much bigger than goals and have many components.

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There are no rules for dreams. They’re imaginative, enormous and based in the future. Rarely do we talk about our dreams to people in case they laugh or criticize. We need these dreams to keep us buoyant in life.

They’re the reason we can work at a mundane job. We don’t expect the manifestation right now, but we do expect them to appear eventually. There’s a saying: “If you have faith in your future, you have power in your present”. So our dreams keep us inspired. They’re a promise of a wonderful future that seems a long way from where you’re standing now.

A dream is created in the imagination and plants the seed for many goals and desires.  Dreams are possibilities for a wonderful future. They live in the imagination and feel wonderful as they grow and change, just as you do. They grow with you even when you can’t see them and the only reason a dream doesn’t manifest, is that you lose faith in your ability to realize the dream. You’ve made a mistake by putting a timeline on the dream, so you’ve created conditions that the dream can’t fit into.

The reason a dream doesn’t manifest is because you lose faith in the dream. You give up.

It’s you who moves closer to a dream until you are a match with what it has become. That’s the reason it never looks like you expect; it changes, grows and expands as you do.

Your dream isn’t waiting because of something outside of you, it’s waiting for you to become the person in that dream. You’ve dreamt of a future you, one who is balanced and loves life. A person who has expanded to become the owner of that dream. So that’s the job of your desires. To move you along this path until you are the person who matches the dream.


These are different to dreams as they are a piece of the pie rather than the whole pie of dreams. A goal has a time frame and rather than a possibility that’s in the ‘one day’ sphere, it feels like it’s probable. A goal has a time-frame because it’s a bundle of desires that are all related for a common purpose. For instance: you may want to lose weight because you’re excited about your sister’s wedding so the date for the goal to lose weight is your sister’s wedding. The goal also encompasses feeling good, having a wonderful time, feeling attractive, finding the right outfit, fitting into that new dress, attracting a partner to take with you and the list goes on.

The goal is losing weight in a time-frame and it is broken down into lots of smaller components. We are all aware that to achieve a goal, our mindset needs to alter. This is just one of the components.

Mindset shifts are happening to you all the time

So you expect changes to occur to achieve a goal and yet, these mindset shifts are happening all the time. They may be subtle or they may be brought about by a crisis, but you are always offered the next step along your path. Whether you take it or not is up to you. It also determines the manifestation that occurs.

Goals are dreams that have been broken down to achievable chunks, naturally.


are thoughts that are emphasized by emotions. When you think the thought over and over again, it creates a dominant mood and when this matches your desire, it paves the way for manifestation. We have many desires. They’re the increments that make up a goal and a dream. However, a word of warning: we live in an inclusion based Universe so when your focus remains on something you don’t want, you’re asking to include that which you don’t want in your life. Desires are the little things you get excited about. Whether it’s having fun at a party or enjoying your lunch at the beach. Life is made up of a frequent flow of desires. And the flow is never-ending. There will never come a day when we don’t desire something.

Often these desires are magnified by the contrast in your life. When you’re living something you don’t like, then you become very clear about what you do want. All you need do is turn your attention in the direction of what you want and the desires will begin to flow.

Your desires may not seem to be related to your dreams but they’re actually paving the way for your ‘overnight success’.

They’re leading you in the direction you’ve pre-paved with your dreams.

We will always have dreams goals and desires, because they’re important to our well-being. They create the blueprint for each of our journeys and lay down the stepping stones on which we walk through life. So it’s not wrong to have a desire, in fact it’s imperative. They are the life energy which flows through us and without it, we would cease to exit.

gayle maree

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About Gayle Maree

Gayle overcame decades of limiting beliefs about success and money to live a life she had only dreamt about. She spends her time between USA and Australia (home to their 7 grown children and Natural Health Clinic) and conducts workshops all over the world with husband of 30 years, Allan; helping purpose-driven women like you, shed their old patterns and beliefs to manifest the happiness they truly deserve.

People are attracted to Gayle for the high energy, intuitive insights and deep wisdom; and for the powerful transformation they gain through 6D Mood Mastery.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Her key course is 6D Mood Mastery©, and 6 Foundations for a Successful Online Business©.

Gayle is a Spiritual Counselor, Mother, Entrepreneur and Eternal Optimist. She is co-author of 6 Dimensions of Healing©, author of 6 Foundations of a Successful Online Business©  and Habits of Happiness.

Her mission is to empower people to recognize their own inner guidance so they can take the path of happiness to manifest their dreams.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


It’s an interesting analogy, ‘getting out of your comfort zone’. It implies that you are leaving something behind and stepping into the abyss on your own. And sometimes, it feels like you are.

Let’s add some clarity to this.

What is a comfort zone?

A comfort zone is a place within, where you feel comfortable. It is referred to as a ‘zone’ as it is an area within and around you, much like an aura. It is a part of you, so it can never be left behind anywhere.

How is it created?

As you learn new things in life and practice them, they become more familiar. When you do this, it becomes a part of your comfort zone. Experiences such as walking for the first time, going to kindergarten or day care, then school, swimming lessons, riding a pushbike, high school, traveling overseas, public speaking, etc. The list goes on. These are the experiences that everyone faces with varying degrees of discomfort that eventually become familiar. They then become incorporated in your comfort zone. Everybody has a comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

I don’t believe you ever ‘step out’ of your comfort zone. Because it is a part of who you are and you take yourself wherever you go, with whatever you experience, you can’t ‘get out’ of it. However, when you do find yourself seemingly on a ledge with fear at every turn, it isn’t your comfort zone that needs to change but your focus.

The scary part of stepping out of a comfort zone is associated with some sort of risk. This may be a loss of money, health or relationships. However, when you break it down, the real risk involved is about how your emotions.

  • You don’t want to feel bad.
  • Nobody wants to feel regret.
  • It’s not an option to feel devastated.

There are no right and wrong decisions. You make a decision and then you back yourself. You turn your focus to things that create the best mood you can muster on any subject. Focus on what feels good as fear does not make good decisions. It is the opposite to your connection with Source and inspiration.

A Natural Expansion

Instead of thinking of your comfort zone as something you need to ‘step out’ of and then catch up, think of it as expanding. As just like a pool of water, it just moves into the space provided for it. If you wanted to expand the pool of water, you would just expand the hole and the water would flow into it, effortlessly.

Because it is called your comfort zone, it is just that, comfortable. Doing something new, or making decisions that are unknown, all tend to lean towards discomfort. That’s why there can be a feeling of ‘being outside’ the comfort zone. But there doesn’t have to be. Your comfort zone can expand effortlessly.

How to Expand Effortlessly

Whatever you have a desire to do or be or have, imagine it in detail. Imagine it until it feels exciting and wonderful. Then take the action as the opportunities arise. In this way it will be exciting rather than fearful and by the time it becomes familiar, your comfort zone has expanded. These are the Secrets of Manifestation. There will be times when your excitement is overshadowed by fear and therefore you feel out on that ledge, but all you need do, is remember that vision you had and how exciting it was and the fear will dissipate. You will need to do this as often as necessary but it is a requirement, if you are looking for that ‘effortless’ expansion.

Expanding your comfort zone is a natural part of growth and growth is a natural part of living so when you understand that the paralysing fear is not necessary, you can change the way you experience your expansion into familiarity and comfort.

We are constantly expanding our comfort zones and as we do, it changes who we have become. This new perspective becomes the bouncing off point for more and more glorious experiences which are well worth any initial discomfort.

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Emotional Dimension

Emotional Dimension

Emotional Dimension

Your Emotions are the Gateway to Communication with your Higher Self

Your emotions are your connection with the Universe and with your Higher Self. 

Just as your mood is the center of your Universe. It creates the experiences that unfold as your life. So, your reality is essentially designed by your emotions. Emotions become your guiding light down the path of life. They help you understand why things happen the way they do, and they show you the direction in which you are traveling.

Blocking Emotions

Many people have learned to block their emotions early in life. There are many reasons that lead to the suppression of emotions, and all of them are associated with pain. It is a natural part of life to feel your way in your own life and interpret what is going on around you into emotions. In this way, you can feel fear and it can warn you of danger. You can also feel love and it will guide your path in the direction of joy.

Getting through life without noticing your emotions seems to be common, as many have felt ‘burnt’ by wearing their heart on their sleeve, so they prefer their mind to be their life guide. But the mind is fickle and influenced by past experiences and what it can see. It is influenced by current reality. However, emotions can’t be blocked completely, only dulled.

When you start being aware of how you are feeling and use these emotions as your guide, they become stronger. It is possible to attune yourself to being guided by emotions in such a way that even a subtle change can be noticed and lead quickly to a change in your mood. The only thing in life you have any control over is your own mood. You are the sole owner of your emotions and you are the person who controls your moods.

Aquarius – The Age Of Emotions

This world moved into the Age of Aquarius in the year 2000, and according to the ancient science of Numerology, the Age of Aquarius is the age of emotions, of feeling and of co-creating with the people around us. Each person is born with a unique set of numbers that are the result of adding their birth date and names together. There are nine single numbers and many combinations that are influenced by the mental, emotional and physical planes. During the last century, the 1900s, every person born had at least one number on the mental plane, signified by the number nine, and this gave many people a mental learning capacity.

During not only the next century, but the next millennium, only a few children will be born with numbers on the mental plane but all will have numbers on the emotional plane which is where the number two is situated. As the millennium progresses, it will become obvious in schools, that teaching children via their mental capacities will not be as effective as teaching them through their emotions. As every child born in this millennium has numbers on the emotional plane, it indicates they connect to others through emotions much more readily than past eras.

These are the adults of the future. They are the business people, the inventors and entrepreneurs; they are the sales people, the sportsmen and the soldiers. They are the parents of the future, and they will find much value in connecting with their own emotions, as communication through emotions is the path of understanding and compassion.

What Is A Mood Map?

Moods are an indicator of the emotion you are projecting for the world to see. A sad mood is but a glimmer of hope and a light of sadness, and a happy mood is a beacon that shines brightly in the darkness.

A Mood Map shows how you are traveling along your emotional path. I was sitting at a railroad station a few years back. This was a country station with no guard or ticket-box attendant. A teenage boy was also seated waiting for the train. I asked him where he was going, and he told me. Then I asked him if he knew how to read the railway schedule but he didn’t, so he wasn’t sure which train to catch. The schedule was behind him, so we used the time we were waiting for our train to familiarize him with the map. I remembered being his age once, lost in a big city with a map I didn’t know how to read. Nobody I asked knew either. It was a harrowing experience, and made me realize you can have a map but it’s useless, unless you know how to read it.

Reading Your Map

It would be to your advantage if you were to learn how to read your Emotional Mood Map. So, here goes. When your mood is happy, you are in the company of your Higher Self. When it’s not so chirpy, you have strayed a little further away. Taking an emotional detour to somewhere other than the place that is desired is OK. Surprisingly, being somewhere other than where you thought you wanted to be isn’t wrong at all, and nowhere is so far away that you can’t go back and find your desired track again. However, when your Mood Map is familiar, you have the advantage of always knowing where you are traveling. Then, if you find yourself off track somewhere, the error is easily corrected.

Knowing your path can be the difference between being afraid and being confident about where you are going.

Any pain felt by being off-track is only ever the distance between what you are feeling and what your Higher Self is feeling. If what you are feeling is a long way from what your Higher Self feels, then there is intense emotional discomfort. And when you experience discomfort, you get a clearer idea of what you want. When the emotion is a mild discomfort, the request for fulfillment is a whisper, but when you feel abject poverty the request for abundance becomes louder within you.

But remember! There is never a distance so far away from Source Energy that you can’t rejoin the path of your desires. Moods are merely indicators of the direction in which you are traveling, so when the path you walk down feels frustrating, this is your emotional indicator telling you to change paths by changing your mood.


Excerpt from Emotional Dimension

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See Intentional Dimension

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30 Day Refocus Challenge® For Change

30 Day Refocus Challenge® For Change

We all have areas of our lives that could do with a clean out. A challenge is a great way to set up some new and improved habit patterns for your life to give your inspiration a boost to live your very best reality.

Download 30 Day Refocus Challenge® PDF, 30 Day descriptions© here.

So why is refocusing so important?

It helps you to gain some leverage on life. Because when you are focused is one direction you can see what’s coming in another. This 30 day challenge will help refresh your life and refocus your dreams. What have you got to lose, except your bad habits.

At the end of the 30 days, you’ll gain some clarity and focus for the next step of your journey. Even if you don’t adopt all 30 suggestions, just incorporate a couple into your life, then add a couple more the next month and so on. In no time, you’ll be following your own path and reaching for the stars.

If you’d like to get your daily reminders for the 30 Day Refocus Challenge®, then sign up here. You don’t have to do this alone and it will change your life.

1.  Meditate Everyday. Even 2 minutes of quiet focus makes a difference. Start small if your mind is busy, but do persist. It’s important that you are in control of your mind and not the other way around. It will get easier. Then, 15 minutes per day will change your life.

2.  Read a non fiction book, as a biography is inspirational and you can always take an idea or two from a self help or even a handyman book. You never cease expanding your knowledge and you can’t get enough of inspiration.

3.  Dream BIG! Your dreams are the seeds of your future, so when youdream you are actually in the creation of your future reality. However, using the imagination takes practice, so begin your dreaming by saying. “Imagine if I could ….”. What would you do, where would you be and how would you feel?

4.  Don’t expect anything from others. When you have expectations of others, your mood is based on what others say or do. People are fickle, so your expectations are sooner or later going to be disappointed. Having expectations, however, are different to expectations of others and you should expect your life to unfold beautifully.

5.  Do something different, everyday. When you do the same thing everyday, you can get stuck in a routine that can quickly become a rut. When you are consciously aware of doing something different everyday, your mind moves in the direction of looking for opportunity. This will uplift your mood and change the direction of your future.

6.  Plan your menu for the week, even if it just for the evening meal, and it will help you to stay on target with your healthy eating plan. Shopping for all of the ingredients in one go, will help you avoid take outs and cheat meals, as you will have the fresh ingredients ready to prepare. Healthy does not mean lack of flavor and there are plenty of places you can look for tasty low fat, fresh meal recipes. To take control of your health, planning is the key.

7.  No complaining – about anything. It’s easy to fall into the trap of complaining, especially when others will listen. When you complain, your mood drops and travels in a direction opposite to your well being, so you are more likely to feel depressed, angry or even get sick. When you complain, even once, you create momentum in a direction that is difficult to alter. So, don’t do it.

8.  Connect with nature, everyday. Nature is nurturing, healing and generally good for your health and well being, so when you spend time in nature, and enjoy being there, whether it is gardening or a walk in the park, you are uplifting your entire being. Your thoughts become clearer, you sleep better and your body feels energized.

9.  Give people a broad smile. When you smile at people, you are doing both you and them a favor as you are uplifting their soul. When you look someone in the eyes and beam a broad smile them, you are connecting in a way that says, you’re ok. It’s an acceptance of their entire being, and when they don’t feel that about themselves, it makes a big difference.

10. Write in a journal. Have a book beside your bed and write every evening of the things you have appreciated during the day. If you can’t find any, make them up. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it, and truly feel that appreciation.

11. Look for things during the day to appreciate. When you can shift your mood to feeling more and more relief, you can soon find a mood of appreciation. Appreciation is where you feel alive and connected. Things flow better, you have clarity and opportunities present themselves. With all of those benefits, why would you choose not to feel appreciation?

12. Flip your conversations. Sometimes, when you are conversing, the subject moves in a direction that is draining or detrimental to your well being. Become a spin doctor and flip the conversations in a direction that is more in tune with the direction you want to take. This takes practice but is totally worth it.

13. Avoid those who complain. It sometimes feels like people suck the energy right out of you. But this can only happen when you join their conversation direction. If you can’t flip the conversation then make your excuses and leave. You are better off being rude than feeling drained.

14. Exercise everyday. Your body is connected to your mind, so when your body feels good, you do too. The health benefits of regular exercise are too numerous to mention, not just because of fitness but because of your health and well-being. If you can’t find the time to do structured exercise then increase your NEA. Your non-exercise activity. So walk to work, go to a lunch or coffee shop further away, take the stairs rather than the elevator. Talk and walk on the phone rather than sitting and increase your NEA.

15. Cut out sugar. Sugar is the poison that is affecting our society in huge proportions. Excess sugar turns to fat and causes obesity. Stay away from low fat and no fat advertised foods as they are laden with sugar. It’s not fat that makes you fat! And it’s not only sugar but the sugar substitutes that also help fuel a craving for sugar. It’s addictive, so you are better off to cut out the processed foods and drinks altogether. Feel the difference that giving up sugar makes.

16. Look for things to focus on that feel good. You always have a choice as to what you perceive. That which is working or that which isn’t. When you continually notice what isn’t working, you create a habit pattern. This pattern of looking at what isn’t working will erode your well being. Practice looking for what is working and what feels good, even if it is just something small.

17. Be present. When you are in a conversation, listen to what they have to say. Let go of your thoughts and what you are going to say next and just listen. It is one of the most uplifting gifts you can give a person. To really listen to someone is to make them feel valued.

18. Commence a new habit. When you decide what you want and how you want to feel, you can then choose to adopt a new habit pattern. You can’t get rid of old patterns, you can only decrease their momentum by focusing on an alternative. Give your focus to a new pattern.

19. Control your self talk by noticing what you are thinking. Your self talk determines your mood which creates your reality, so by choosing new thoughts and focusing on things that are working, you are using your self talk to create a life you love.

20. Do a good deed. When you choose to focus on how you can help, you move your life into a train of positivity. It doesn’t matter whether the good deed is known or anonymous, you can feel proud that you have contributed happiness to someone else’s life. You could pay the parking meter or buy coffee for the person in line behind you, the list is endless and you will feel so good, you will want to do this everyday.

21. Focus on what’s working. Sometimes things don’t go your way and its easy for the most positive mindsets to slip into noticing what isn’t working in life. But when that happens, the result will be evidence all around you of more things that aren’t working. To break this cycle you consciously need to choose to focus on what is working.

22. Pretend you love everyone. A friend once told me that they became a good public speaker because they would pretend that everyone in the audience loved them. It doesn’t’t matter whether it’s true or not, as, if we feel loved, it brings out the best in us and we want to show others that they are also worthy.

23. Imagine looking how you would love to look. When you are looking at your body and not feeling happy with what you see, the worst thing you could do, is focus on reality. Instead, imagine your ideal body and how you would feel, what you would do, and how others would appreciate it too. When you hold this image and believe it, things change for you.

24. Use yoga breathing everyday. You can use this as your meditation or to help you sleep in the evenings. Yoga breathing is following your breath as you slowly breathe in and out. In and out. Relaxing your body on every exhale and rejuvenating it on an inhale.

25. Drink plenty of water. On average, 2 litres or 1/2 gallon a day will flush your system so that your kidneys, the filter system of your body, work in top condition. Drink water before you eat as it curbs the appetite. Often your body is thirsty and it is mistaken for hunger. So if you feel hungry, drink water first.

26. Spend happy time alone. Many people don’t like to be alone as they are afraid of their thoughts or are reliant on others to feel good. You are a self sufficient being and enjoying your own company, helps you to connect with the broader, non physical you, that you call your Higher Self. This is where inspiration is born.

27. Time for daydreaming. When you were young, daydreaming was frowned upon. It was wasting time and fanciful. Now we understand the importance of daydreaming. When you allow your imagination to roam in the direction of a new idea, a possible future, or even a holiday, your mind and body exhibit all the benefits of having experienced this as reality. Your mind does not know the difference between something that is real and something imagined.

28. No excuses – for anything. You make choices about how you feel, throughout the day. Some of these moods are wanted and others are not. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that someone else makes you feel something you don’t want. Other people don’t have power over you. You are the only person that gets to choose your mood, so no excuses.

29. Smile to yourself. It is true that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. If you find yourself frowning, begin smiling. Look for something (real or imagined) to feel good about and feel the smile. When you practice smiling, even if it is inward, you will find strangers at the supermarket smiling at you and you will wonder why.

30. Be the creator of your own reality. You create your own reality by your dominant moods, whether you are aware of it or not. We just think that you should consciously decide how you want to feel and which direction you would like for your future, rather than allow others to influence your mood. Your mood is always your choice.