Life is made up of a series of realities that are constantly changing. What determines your reality is where you have the control.

Your reality is created from your vibration and your vibration is determined by your dominant mood. So when you feel good, your mood is in alignment with your Soul and you are creating an enlightening reality.

The opposite is also true. When your dominant mood is worry, your vibration becomes one of fear and you create a fearful reality with plenty to worry about. So your mood becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only thing you ever have control over in your life is how you feel. Your mood is the only thing you have control over. You can’t control others, or the future. You can’t even control your own future. You only have control over your mood now.

The only way the past can have any influence on your future is if you are standing in your present, looking at a past you hated and allowing it to determine your mood right now. You can’t stare at something you don’t like and tell it to go away. Life doesn’t work like that. We are in an inclusion based Universe. So, whatever you focus on, you create more of, no matter what that is.

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