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Law of Attraction for business

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Create security with a life you love

By building your business from the Inside Out

The Right Tools

6D Mood Mastery

6D Mood Mastery is the key to changing your mindset. And why is that important?

The only reason you haven’t begun that online business is because your mindset is holding you back. It’s made up of thoughts, beliefs and patterns from the past. The ones we adopted at an early age and thought they were working, only to find out now, at an older age, that they aren’t. They’re actually causing more problems than they’re solving.

How do you know if those patterns are working for you or not?

If you’re still sitting on the sidelines afraid to make the next move, then they’re not. If you don’t feel secure, then they’re not.

It’s not luck that some people are in the right place at the right time. Most tend to complain about why things happened to them. I know, I did that for a long time. it’s your mindset that’s the difference between security and fear.

6D Mood Mastery gives you the foundations for a mindset that creates security no matter what the storm.

Taking the next step

Progress not Perfection

Even though your patterns were created when you were young, there’s absolutely no need to go dredging up the past or picking the scab off old wounds.

I’ve been a Spiritual Counselor for over 22 years and through that time, I have modified my style so that healing can be achieved through the present and not the past. I’ve found that digging up the past only gives you skeletons, not peace. And that’s certainly not a great beginning to a new life.

It’s your ideas and enthusiasm that begin new patterns to develop inner security. It’s not about perfection but progress. It’s never about what you have but how you feel. And that’s why in the worst of times, people can experience the best of times.

Beginning an online business is not a difficult process but it does require new thought patterns and support. Thought patterns that uplift and support that’s encouraging. It’s not that you’ll need support to lean on, but someone to hold the light. The process is simple but not necessarily easy.


Key Benefits of an Online Business

Security is the number one benefit of having your own online business. Your security, your families and your future. None of us know how the future will unfold, but when we invest in ourselves we’re taking control.

Control over your own life. Sure you still need to pay taxes, but no longer does somebody cut your hours or tell you when or where you can or can’t work. That’s freedom!

We all manifest in life. But most people are busy focusing on what they don’t want, focusing on reality and creating more of the same in their future. Is that how your life plays out too?

Financial Freedom is a part of security but it has its own set of rules and boundaries. People can feel secure at home and control over their lives but if there is no money coming in, it destabilizes the whole situation. So you need an income that supports the lifestyle you want. Your boss won’t give you that.

Quickstart your Success

And be prepared for the changes ahead

Unleash the Law of Attraction in your Online Business

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  • Turn uncertainty into opportunity
  • Align yourself with the very best in life
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Use the 6 Dimensions of Healing to leverage the Law of Attraction and grow your Online Business.

Download my video interactive workbook to give you the 6 Foundations for a Successful Online Business. This will jumpstart your business success by unleashing the Law of Attraction.

gayle maree

With 14 years of Law of Attraction experience and Coaching, I make it sound simple, fun and very easy.

Gayle Maree – LOA Mindset Coach – 6 Dimensions of Healing

Fear is your Inner Communication

What’s it telling you?

Fear is nothing to be afraid of. That seems like a weird statement I know, but fear is really an indicator of the direction you’re traveling. Of course, it’s a roadblock and it should be, but it’s important to understand what the roadblock is telling you.

Are you really about to head over a cliff or are you just in unknown territory?

Often, fear either debilitates people or it makes them react. Both of these usually have negative consequences, so it’s important to develop an understanding of what your fear is communicating.

With 6D Mood Mastery you will understand your fear and develop patterns to turn these negative responses into power and inspiration.

You’ll be able to:

  • Turn panic into positive change
  • Uncertainty into knowledge
  • Fear into fun
  • Be prepared for the changes to come
  • Allow inspiration to be your guide

This is intentional, guided work, and it’s not difficult. It changes how you make decisions so that you begin your new business with purpose and meaning.

6D Mood Mastery empowers you authentically to become who you want to be, rather than settling for the collage you’ve become.

6D Mood Mastery

Your mood is the secret to manifesting your dreams.

Attracting a wonderful life is an inner journey. It begins with understanding how you create your reality and the relationships around you. The key to this is in your mood.

Your very own mood is the guiding light on your journey and when you learn to master your mood, the light shines in the direction that's best for you. The path that's vibrant, fun, loving and successful. That’s what we teach in the Mood Mastery Masterclass. How to know without a doubt, that the path you're taking is the right one.

So shed those insecurities and awaken to the life you really deserve.

About Gayle Maree

Gayle overcame decades of limiting beliefs in the trifecta of success, money, and relationships to live a life she had only dreamt about. She spends her time between USA and Australia (home to their 7 grown children and Natural Health Clinic) and conducts workshops all over the world with her husband of nearly 30 years, Allan; helping wonderful women like you, shed their old patterns and beliefs to manifest the happiness they truly deserve.

People are attracted to Gayle for the high energy, intuitive insights, and deep wisdom; and for the powerful transformation they gain through 6D Mood Mastery.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Her key courses are 6D Mood Mastery©, and Attract your Spiritual Soulmate©

Gayle is a Spiritual Counselor, Mother, Entrepreneur and Eternal Optimist. She is co-author of 6 Dimensions of Healing©.

Her mission is to empower people to master their own inner guidance so they can take the lesser-worn path of happiness to manifest their amazing dreams.

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