Become the Master of your Reality

Whether you find it easy to feel good or whether you find it a challenge, the fact is that your mood, no matter what it is, creates your reality. You are indeed the Master of your reality.

How do you become the Master of your Reality?

Your reality is the life you are currently living but it constantly changes. In fact, your life is made up of lots of realities, all strung together in a continuous stream. Each of these realities is determined by your vibration.

It is your own dominant mood that creates your vibration and that’s why you are the Master of your Reality. You can begin to master your own reality by taking back control. Through changing your focus and choosing your mood.

This is how to Master your Reality

When your mood is anger, you feel angry and everything makes you feel angry. This means that many situations and people are attracted to you that help you fulfill this self-imposed purpose, which is to emphasize the anger that you feel.  Your mood is dominated by anger and you tend to perpetuate situations and thoughts that are the same. Therefore, your reality will reflect your dominant mood.

Because you are the person that chooses your thoughts, you are indeed the creator of your own reality. You may think others make you angry by their words or actions but your mood is your choice.  The same concept that seems unfair is also your savior. It will help you to Master your Reality.

Making Conscious Choices to Master your Reality

You get to choose moment by moment how you want to feel and when you consciously take this opportunity to choose your mood, your reality will improve and your life will change. It is not logical that you would consciously choose anything other than feeling great for very long. Love is what is calling you. Every day and every moment of the day.

It is your birthright to feel great

Well-being is your natural state so you will always gravitate towards that which feels best to you. When you choose, for whatever reason, not to feel good, you can feel the tension of that decision in your body.

Your stomach will churn you may have headaches, anxiety or many other symptoms. This is because you are moving in the opposite direction to your natural state of well-being and that will always create tension and discomfort.

Choosing Fun is to Master your Reality

Feeling great allows you to attract people and situations that are fun and the better you feel, the better it gets.

That’s why some people just seem like happy people and others don’t. They have just worked out how to look for situations that put them in a happy mood more often, and when they aren’t happy, they look for ways of making themselves feel happy again. They’ve created patterns that help them Master their reality.

You can’t always be happy but you can choose to move in the direction of fun and happiness as often as you can. In this way, you build a pattern of optimism. This makes it easier to move towards fun and happiness when you aren’t feeling so good.

Master your own Reality for Better or for Worse

Life is made up of all types of situations and none of them should be judged as good or bad. Instead you can see them as now I feel good or now I don’t. It’s never the situation but how you perceive it that either enhances or diminishes your quality of life.

Just as you can have a poor person that is mostly happy and a rich person who is mostly angry, outside factors should never be the determining factor for your mood. Your choices are what determines your happiness. Nobody else controls your reality. You are the Master of your Reality for better or for worse. You get to choose what you focus on to create your own mood. Just as nobody else can make you happy, nobody else can make you angry as you are the master of your reality.

As William Ernest Henley said, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

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