Let there be light. I often think about what it would be like to go to a new place and set up my life in totally unfamiliar territory. I have done that and I still ponder taking on this challenge again. It didn’t always go according to plan. So that gives me not only a sense of the unknown, but a memory of things having gone wrong. Rather than the fear of a completely knew scenario, there is also the fear that things may not work at all. It doesn’t paralyse me, but it does put that next step on the back burner (at least for a little while).

But that’s not how I want to feel. I want to feel the excitement of a new scene. I want to expand my horizons with new opportunities, and I do want to feel the exhilaration of the wind in my hair as I travel in the fast lane. I really love and want to experience more funcitement. (That’s a word I came up with. It’s excitement without the fear and lots of fun instead.) Getting up every morning with a sense of achievement and a whole new world ahead of me, is my idea of funcitement.

So how do I achieve the fun without the fear?

I pondered this in my meditation and this is the vision I received. My guidance was standing with me. There were many standing behind me and shedding much light in many directions but it was still dark ahead. Then I asked them to move ahead of me and send the light ahead. The fear dissipated as I was surrounded by light. The light wasn’t coming from me and emanating outward. It was ahead of me and lighting the path back towards me.

What was unknown became visible. That’s always the key to fear. Making the unknown, familiar. Rather than the light moving outward, it was illuminating the path in front of me. Instead of it coming from me, it was traveling to me.

Now I know from experience that feeling the funcitement and making decisions is the best way to create joy, however, the next piece of the puzzle is in holding the light. Because when I am on my journey and things happen quickly, as they tend to do, I have a tendency to wander into fear mode. It’s much like buyers remorse but it’s worse. Much worse. It’s decision remorse.  And it leaves me second guessing myself by pondering if I wouldn’t have been better off where I was before. These types of thoughts leave me feeling totally unsupported so it’s not a game I’d like to play over and over again. (Even though many people do.)

Thriving in The Light of Change

I want to feel a sense of sureness and security from a move into the unknown. I need to feel supported. Plus a sense of this being right. Also the feeling of sureness of myself and my decision. To believe in myself, because if it was right before, it is still right now.

It’s practicing that last detail that will advance my journey forward into the unknown. I’m never alone and if I feel that I am, I know I’m not connected to my source energy. When that happens, my focus is to get connected. Because when I’m connected, I can see the light my guidance shines towards me. I feel powerful in my own life. That’s how I want to live my life moving forward. Powerful and connected to who I really am.

alleviate fear, light your path

Finding the Guidance Within

To move in the direction of my dreams I have taken a 30 Day Challenge to spend 10 minutes a day (or night) writing, speaking or recording ‘as if’ the future has already unfolded. In this way my future self is illuminating the path for my reality self. In essence I am showing myself the way forward. It’s tapping into my higher guidance and finding the answers within. I love this method as I glean a lot of insight into what steps to take next.

The ‘as if’ method is nothing new. In fact, imagining ‘as if’ something has already happened is even in the bible I am told. The part that was illuminated for me, is the lighting of the path for my now self to follow. In effect, showing myself the way forward.

If you’d like join me and take the 30 Day Retrospective Illumination Challenge, and follow your own inner guidance, then stay tuned and make sure you join our community.