Hi I’m Allan Herring

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I’ve found that life is a series of turning points

Pivot points from one direction to another

allan herring

An Early Turning Point

Only in reflection have I received these pivotal points as positive turning points. At the time, they seemed quite traumatic. It’s easy to deem them as good or bad.

My first major turning point happened when I was 10 years old. My father passed away. He was only 53 but had had injuries from a horse fall 4 years earlier and had deteriorated since then. My mother was left with 5 children under 10 years old. As I was the eldest, I naturally became the man of the house. My childhood had quickly diminished. Not because I had to go to work or babysit, but because life was more serious. There was no longer time to be a child.

I remember one of the feelings that was predominant was a physical ache in my heart. It’s difficult to explain but there was a hollowness and it just ached.

As a ten year old I didn’t fully understand the workings of my emotions. There was a hole in my life when my Dad died and I couldn’t do anything about it.

residual pain

Life had its ups and downs

By the time I was 14 I was displaying a short temper. I got angry at the smallest of things, such as someone stealing my hat or calling me names.

I didn’t realize that it was the pain from the loss that I was pushing down.

However, by the time I was coming into my 16th year, I didn’t like how I felt. I knew this wasn’t getting me anywhere and so I was ready for change.

Because I was a swimmer, I had a channel for my emotions and made peace with the situation as it was. My anger dissipated.

As time went by I think I realized that the only thing I could control was how I thought about things.

By the end of my teens people saw me as a pretty happy kid abut if I look back at some pre-teen photos there is a definite sadness in my eyes.

my mum instilled an

Attitude of Optimism

Around 16 was about the earliest age I started to incorporate an attitude of optimism and positivity as a way to minimize that deep throbbing heartache.

My Mum was busy but she did instill in me the attitude that I could do anything. I don’t know if she actually said as much (she was a very reserved person) or it was implied.  It could have even been my imagination or inner voice. Either way, that was the turning point. It introduced me to the swimming world and a coach, Bill, who amplified the perception of achieving and winning. He also demanded dedication.

I threw myself into this so much that at swim meets I would swim my own age group and then back up to swim the open age group and take home the trophy for both. It was both an outlet and a fertile growing ground for the future.

I enjoyed the training and came to understand it was all about the journey. From sad and humble beginnings to exercising the power of probabilities. I believe the light of the future shines a path that is littered with gold nuggets that offer pivot points in your life.

What Sport Taught Me About Business

The experiences, the people you meet, the knowledge you acquire, the love of someone special and the best nuggets is the love and understanding of oneself.

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