About Us

The Creators of 6 Dimensions of Healing 

Gayle Maree and Allan Herring

Gayle Maree

Spiritual Counselor 

DIP PLT, Counselor, Past Life Therapist, Law of Attraction Coach, Author – 6 Dimensions of Healing

Gayle became a Spiritual Counselor over 22 years ago because she was frustrated with how relationships were unfolding in her life. She could see the pain so many people went through and yet she felt powerless to help.

So she spent many years developing experience and designing tools that have helped people have better and more fulfilling relationships. Both with themselves and others.

She’s helped countless desperate people find their own path to love and happiness.

Allan Herring

Holistic Healer

Allan Herring JP, MSc HT, Holisitc Therapist, Reconnective Healing, Myoskeletal Adjustment, Author – 6 Dimensions of Healing

Allan spent the first part of his life in corporate life, climbing the ladder of success, so he thought. But when recurring illness made him change his path, he chose a healing journey.

He found that healing wasn’t just about the physical but the emotional and mental journey and so he set about healing past relationships and developing skills for a happy life.

With a loving Spiritual Soulmate of over 30 years now.

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