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The Creators of 6 Dimensions of Healing and 6D Mood Mastery

Gayle Maree and Allan Herring

Gayle Maree

Spiritual Counselor & Master Mood Coach

There is no happy ending to an unhappy life.

Meaning that unless we’re happy now, we aren’t going to be happy down the track or sometime in the future. Unless we invest in planning, understanding and mastering now, we can expect more of the same as what we’ve had.

There will be no change in our lives, no matter how much we wish, or how hard we work until we change how we do things. Not what we do, but how we do it. Up until now, we’ve been looking for outside desires to make us happy. A new job, a different partner, another location, the next great deal or the expensive car. You know what’s on your wish list.

It’s great to have dreams, they’re important. It’s wonderful to have goals, they get us to the next step, but unless we change how we feel about our desires, the things we yearn for, right now, then nothing else changes. The goals don’t come and the dreams remain in the distance.

I Know Because This Was Me

Allan Herring

6D Therapy Healer & Master Mood Coach

I’m a 6D Therapist & Trainer, an Entrepreneur, a writer and dedicated healer, excited in sharing these life changing techniques with you.

Over the years I have come to understand that healing is not just physical. That is only a very small part. Even though pain is felt in the body, the cause wasn’t physical so the solution won’t be either.

I now know the body as a unique, transformational, physical sense that is willing and able to heal under any and all circumstances.

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