7 Keys to Authenticity in your Business

What creates Business Authenticity? You do.

Have you ever visited a website and it hits you in the face because it’s really busy-looking? There are flashy things and ads popping up at you everywhere, colors are flashing, stop signs, the whole works. There is so much jumping out at you from the page that you just recoil and think OMG, It feels really spammy. Like if you clicked on it you would catch something nasty.

Then there are others that are comfortable and welcoming. You can relate to where they’re coming from. It’s like breathing in fresh air for the first time in a long time. And you want to browse and look around.

A website is like a painting. You’re an artist and your canvas is your website. It presents you to the people. And just like a painting, you can tell a lot about people by their website.

Your Website Represents Your Authenticity

Think of it like going into a dress shop. Would you go into a store that was dirty, had sales people hovering over you and flashing signs everywhere, then pay a premium price for dodgy labels? Of course not. You’d just leave. Your online experience shouldn’t be any different. It’s the face of your company and you are it. Even if somebody else has designed the site, it still reflects you. The feel of your business, the values and your authenticity. All are portrayed by the very first visit.

Authenticity isn’t something that’s flashy. You can’t pretend it and can’t be bought. It’s a reflection of how you feel. You don’t have to be talked into it or cajoled into parting with a lot of money. In fact, if somebody tries to convince you that they’re honest, then you know they aren’t. When someone has to announce to the world that they’re trustworthy then they probably aren’t. So for someone to tell you they’re authentic, chances are, they’re not.

It Shows how much a Business Cares

Authenticity is actually obvious. Because it’s a display of someone’s honesty and integrity. It shows you how genuine they are and how much they care. And just like meeting somebody creepy sends you running a mile, so should creepy websites. They’re the face of their owners. So they’re the really obvious ones,

How to Discern Authenticity from Pretense

But some people have a little more challenge discerning the fake genuine-looking sites. These are the fancy sites that look expensive and promise you the world. They take you in because they’re offering so much you think you may need someday. So how do you know whether they’re fake or not?

Well, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is if they’re aligned with your core values. Whether they’re right for you or not.

For that, you need to understand your moods because they’re the inner communication system that feeds you the information.

How do you do this? There are keys:

  1. Notice how you’re feeling when on the site – Are you happy to stay or do you have the urge to leave?
  2. ‘The more you look around the better you feel’ – If that statement’s True you stay, False you leave
  3. You get excited about the offers – It’s right for me if I’m excited or it’s not right for me if I’m not

So what are core values? They’re the fundamental beliefs you hold that help you determine what is right and what is wrong. Companies have them too.

Are they Aligned with your Core Values?

You can actually feel whether a site is aligned with your core values. Not by what it says but by how you feel about being there.

It only takes 3 questions to determine:

  1. Is there a nurturing quality – does it sound like they care about you?
  2. Is your transformation more important to them than your pain points? Or are they just taking advantage of your vulnerability?
  3. Do you feel comfortable with making a decision to buy? Or is there doubt?

If in doubt, don’t. Because that doubt is your mood letting you know that this product or service isn’t aligned with you. This means if you buy, there’s a high chance you’ll regret it. It doesn’t matter how good the product is or if thousands of others have already bought, your guidance system is set up to let you know what’s right for you.

A Foolproof Inner System

When you understand and practice using your moods as guidance, then you’ll have a foolproof inner system for making better choices. They’re the ones that take you in the direction of your dreams. And you can use this system for anything and everything in your life. No longer will you be reliant on ill-informed people to advise you through advertisements or the Government to regulate. You have taken the power back into your own hands to make a decision that’s best for you.

For instance, my site reflects me. I’ve used colors I feel comfortable with and language that inspires me. Before working with me, I offer a 20-minute free coaching call. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s an introduction for both of us to find out if we’re a match for getting the maximum results. It’s whether our core values match or not. It works both ways. It shows I care and it also helps me to work with those who I can be the most benefit to. Because I also understand that not every client matches my values, which means they won’t get their best results.

7 Keys for an Authentic Website

If you’d like to make your website reflect the very best of you, then I’ve put together 7 Keys for making your Website Authentic:

  1. Is it a good place to be? My website is a place I’m happy to visit and spend time, just to hang out. I’m usually tweaking or changing something. To me it’s like moving furniture around in my home. It gives a new look and a fresh feel.
  2. Keep it up to date and fresh. You want to put your best foot forward because first impressions count. It’s like keeping your office windows clean and the doorway free of rubbish to make it appealing for people to step in the door.
  3. Cohesion. You spend a lot of time choosing paint and furnishings for a bricks and mortar office, so take the time to choose colors that represent the personality of you and your business. Don’t underestimate the power of purpose. Put in quality content that represents upmarket furniture in an office so that people can instantly have a quality experience.
  4. It’s never finished. Just like an artist, you’re never finished, so keep tweaking. See it as your office and a place to invite people to share what you have to offer.
  5. Keep it interesting. Change the photos, some of the content and of course the front page. This is no different to changing the stock in a bricks and mortar store. If you want people to return, give them something that’s a little different.
  6. Be consistent. Make the tone of your whole site similar. With colors and fonts. You would use the same fonts on all the signs in your store to give them some uniformity, so do the same on your site. And you don’t need to be selling products to do this.
  7. Feel Great. This is the most important step of all, because it’s you that comes through your site. It’s you the people fall in love with and it’s you they are going to trust and do business with. So take time to master your mood and feel great, because it really shines through your website.

It’s the First Step to Representing your Authenticity Online

So apart from correcting spelling and grammar errors, which even the so-called best sites seem to display, you’re taking the first step to represent who you are on the internet. Congratulations! It’s no easy feat to stand out with authenticity in an increasingly spammy world. However, I really feel it will become easier to tell authentic websites apart from the hype and B…s… ones in the future as people become numb to the overselling and broken promises of fortune hunters. Already, I witness the unrest of the people amongst the giants’ launches, that scoff at the non-delivery of high promises.

There is power in your presence and there is certainly a place for authenticity. In fact, I think the bigger that companies become, the more that smaller, boutique, authentic businesses will stand out. And I’m on a mission to teach people how to read their own inner guidance so they can tell the difference.

So do what you love and do it really, really well.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

By the way, you can begin to Master your Mood and become sensitive to the authenticity of businesses online by beginning the Mood Mastery Quickstart below. It’s your inner guidance system and makes the right choices so much easier to make.

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