Increase your Power to Manifest Magnetically

through your mood

Use these 3 simple steps to reunite with your Soul’s Blueprint and move closer to the life you love.

Instructions: Use these 3 steps for the next 14 days and journal your progress to increase your power to manifest magnetically

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Step 1

Emotional Awareness The key to Conscious Creation

You’ve had your moods for a very long time. In fact, they’ve been with you since the day you were born. That’s why you don’t even notice. It’s innate.

But now is the time to notice how you’re feeling during the day. To take notice of your dominant mood. It’s a good idea to keep a journal in the evening, to write down how you felt throughout the day and what you think the reasons for the shift in moods were. It will only take 10 minutes.

If you aren’t sure what your mood was, then notice when you were smiling and when you were frowning. Whether you were happy or grumpy. Smiling or agitated. These are all physical manifestations of your own mood. Also take note of which mood was most dominant during the day.

So write them down and get to know yourself from the inside out.

Mood Mastery

Step 1

Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to journal:

  1. Your emotions/moods throughout the day. What they were, how they changed. Which ones were dominant.
  2. How they affected your thoughts and
  3. What effect it had in your body ie. headache, stomach pains, stiff neck etc

Step 2

Move Your Mood by using your Compass

We were all born with an inner compass that helps us steer towards our higher purpose in life. That’s the purpose that is fulfilling, loving and adds value to both our own lives and the lives of many others.

This inner compass is called our Mood Barometer©. The Mood Barometer gives us indicators of where we are at anytime along our life path, when we are on track and when we have strayed somewhat.

Those indicators are our moods. When we’re closer to our chosen path our mood is buoyant, things work out for us and when we have strayed from our path, we feel tension, our mood changes and things become difficult.

When you change your mood, track the indicators of your Mood Barometer in your journal. Are you getting closer to your dreams or further away? How does it feel? Download your Mood Barometer PDF below.

Mood Mastery

Step 2

During the day take notice of your emotion/mood changes:

  1. What made them change?
  2. What was the influence?
  3. Were you able to change your mood consciously?
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Step 3

Using your GPS to Manifest

It’s when you’ve practiced the other 2 steps that things begin to get interesting. This is where your Mood Map© becomes your best guide.

The Mood Map helps you navigate from feeling moody gray to sunny yellow. From feeling down to experiencing joy. Not in one movement, but increments. When you have a map, it’s a guide along your path, like a GPS. You can map your progress towards Fun and Excitement as you move in the direction of what you want.

It’s when you practice moving towards a better feeling mood that your life can be redesigned. It’s where your default mood is changed and things get really exciting. Check out your Mood Map© here. Or download the Mood Map PDF below and print it out .

Mood Mastery

Step 3

Use the Mood Map & Mood Barometer to:

  1. Notice where you are
  2. What mood you’d prefer
  3. Practice changing your mood often.

The more you practice changing your mood the easier it becomes.

6D Mood Map©

Never underestimate the power of your moods. You were born with moods to guide you towards your highest potential in this lifetime. They are a beacon, your guiding light towards what is best for your right now and what isn’t. They make decisions easy, relationships loving and your life path smooth.

Your mood is communication between your thoughts and opinions and those of your higher self. Moods are the interpretation of your intuition.

Read about your Mood Map here.

6D Mood Barometer©

Being on track is rather like walking a well marked path through a familiar forest. It’s bright and breezy, and easy to follow. It’s an enjoyable experience. We know we’re on track because our mood is also bright and breezy. Life is exciting, we have a sense of freedom and inspiration flows.

Just like any path there are twists and turns, so how do we know when we’re still on our path or not? It’s not always easy to tell. That’s why we have Mood Barometer.

Read about your Mood Barometer here.

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