6 Spiritual Principles for Creating a Life you Love

How To Live A Spiritual Life

People often ask how I intertwine spiritual principles into my life. Spirituality and daily life seem so separate to many. Living a higher life of joy love and peace seems a long way from the hectic pace of work and life. But you take yourself with you. You have to take someone with you to work every day, so why not make it someone you like? The BEST of you.

Rather than getting out your old shoes that feel well-worn and comfortable each morning, get out the shiny red ones from under the bed. The ones that make you sing inside. Even if they don’t go with your outfit and they stand out. Wear the new shoes, the ones you’ve been keeping for some time special. Because this is a special time. This is your life, you only have this one right now and it doesn’t get any more special than that.

Those shoes represent the freedom and love of life you have within, the appreciation of life’s treasures and the optimism that comes with knowing life is working FOR you.

Where to Find Spiritual Principles

Spirituality isn’t about church. Native cultures have known that since time began. They’ve prayed and loved and have never stepped foot into a church. It doesn’t mean they aren’t spiritual though. It just means that spirituality is within and not found in a certain place. Even though, if you have found that church is a special place where you can find your inner connection, then that’s wonderful.

Spirituality comes from within.

Believe it or not, we were all born spiritual, from spirit. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way around. Therefore, if we don’t get in the way of that spirituality we were born with, then we live our lives as connected on our soul path and following our inner soul guidance.

This means that life unfolds beautifully. Our inner spirit calls forth the experiences of love and brings us closer to the fun and joy we chose for our path when we came into this life.

You Were Born with Spiritual Principles

Therefore it’s your birthright to be spiritual. So where did it go pear-shaped? As a youngster, you began to experience life through someone else’s eyes, someone who had a different life experience, a person who had forgotten they were born a spiritual being and instead thought we were here to learn from them how to traverse the obstacles of life. And in doing this, they molded you into a sculpture of their own making.

That’s when you thought that you needed others to teach you more as you got the idea that you weren’t whole and complete, that there was actually something wrong with you that needed fixing. And there never was, but the more you tried to learn from others’ ways, the more lost you became and the more that seemed to need fixing.

And that’s how you came to get further and further from the fully expressive spiritual being you were born as. It’s no wonder that people now feel so lost and disconnected.

But, there is a solution.

Spiritual Principles are Found Through Connection

It’s time to recognize that you are a spiritual being first and as so, you have a connection to infinite intelligence. That’s right, the intelligence of the Universe is connected with, through and to you. The discomfort you feel is when you pinch off that connection.

It’s like a child who has had his security blanket ripped away from him just when he needs it most. Or an adult whose relationship falls apart after a few years. It’s painful. And the only way to console yourself is by connecting with your inner being. Your soul guidance. The infinite intelligence who is calling.


“When you remember your own Spiritual Principles, the ones you were born with, you feel free again. You feel the joy within, smile at life, feel the need to uplift others and share your excitement with those around you.”

Gayle Maree

When you remember your own Spiritual Principles, the ones you were born with, you feel free again. You feel the joy within, smile at life, feel the need to uplift others and share your excitement with those around you. This is your inner spiritual being, the one you take with you everywhere, even to work. It’s who you were born. Not who you were born to be but who you were actually born as.

Using Spiritual Principles As A Guide

So how do we follow the Spiritual Life we were born with? We just stop doing those things that are stopping us. The judgment, the resentment, the anger, the sadness, the fear, the insecurity. Because they aren’t who we are. They were adopted and they don’t work for us. Ever!

Of course, it isn’t easy because you forget that you really want to feel great. You think that attacking others will make you feel better, but it doesn’t. It may for a moment and then it leaves you empty inside. Because you have pinched yourself off from your own soul guidance, the one that was with you when you were born.

How we connect and get back on our soul path, following our soul’s blueprint is by making a conscious decision. This decision is the opposite of what you’ve been experiencing and it’s simple. It’s a choice to look for what’s working in life, appreciate it and feels great.

Choosing to Follow the Spiritual Principles

When this choice is made you’ve changed paths from fault-finding to uplifting. From noticing what’s going wrong to looking for evidence of what’s working. And you will ALWAYS find evidence of what you’re looking for no matter what that is.

This may mean switching off the news. It may mean letting go of some of your friends or finding a new relationship or a different job. It will happen naturally.

Instead, spend more time connected with nature. The reason nature is so rejuvenating is because it’s not trying to sell you anything. It simply shares its joy, peace and simplicity. It doesn’t judge or have opinions. It’s flowing with spiritual energy.

Connecting with your Spiritual Principles

Using meditation will help you return to peace, to the joyous being you were when you began this life journey. And when this happens, things begin to change.  Because you no longer live by the same rules. It doesn’t mean life will be perfect, because that isn’t what spirituality is about. It means you will make choices, have experiences and adjust your direction as easily as if you were the wind itself. Life will work for you and not against you. You are and always have been, a spiritual being experiencing a physical life and not the other way around.

To be spiritual is to know that you are not alone and the Universe has your back, no matter who you are. You don’t need to deserve or earn it, it’s your birthright. Nobody can define whether you are spiritual or not. You will know how you feel. Because you came into this life knowing that you could create anything you wanted and if you could imagine it, you could create it. Even though you would collaborate with others to realize your dreams, you in no way needed their permission to thrive.

Here are 6 Spiritual Principles to take with you wherever you go:

  1. I ALWAYS deserve to feel great
  2. I was BORN worthy
  3. My birthright is freedom
  4. remember – I am a Spiritual Being having a Physical experience
  5. Nothing is broken. I don’t need to FIX anything or anyone.
  6. I am ALWAYS connected to infinite intelligence (even though I pinch it off at times)

When you KNOW these, you have incorporated a spiritual life and because you take this person with you to work, you are living a spiritual life at work too. It’s not only a game changer but you take back control of your life.

And things automatically change for the better. It’s Universal Law…

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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