Life isn’t about getting the perfect job or having the perfect relationship. In fact, it’s not about getting anything perfect. I remember looking for my first career, not my first job, but my first career. I wanted to make a statement about me in the world. But it didn’t happen that way at all. Instead, I had many jobs that I wouldn’t consider to be lifelong careers. This was long before I knew anything about the 6 Dimensions of Healing.

Trust The Process Of Life

Many years later and wiser, I look back and see that all those jobs helped me to become the person I am. Each contributed its own set of circumstances and offered experience in an area I would need later in life.  When I speak to young people now, searching for their career, they think of the one job they feel is going to define them. That perfect job may not come along because they don’t know what is perfect for them. Most people don’t know what they will be doing 30 years from now, and they aren’t aware of what their contribution to the world will be. They also have no idea of the skills they will need to perform any of these. Enter the 6 Dimensions of Healing. It is your connection to the Universe, to your Higher Self, to the Source extension of you.

The Universe knows what you need for your purpose in life. The broader perspective of you, your Higher Self, knows what you want. The 6 Dimensions of Healing is to help you relax into the joyous being you were born to be. To focus in a way that is fun and limitless. Whatever you are doing now is perfect.  That’s why there is no perfect job and yet every job you do, is perfect.

How Do The 6 Dimensions Affect Me?

The 6 Dimensions of Healing are made up of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Vibration, Attitude and Intention. Each of these dimensions operates within Universal laws which keep all dimensions united. These laws are the basis of your health and well-being and without them, chaos would reign as the dimensions are cohesive, they do not act independently.

The Physical Dimension is responsible for your body both inside and out. That is the dimension most noticed by people as pain is a very dominant attention seeker.

The Mental Dimension is responsible for your thought processes and is sometimes thought that it is the controller of your thoughts. But you are always the person who thinks. You are the thinker of your thoughts and your thoughts become tangible. They are real.

An Emotional Dimension is responsible for how you feel. When you have an opinion, for instance, your emotions begin to pick up momentum.

With this momentum, a Vibrational Dimension is ignited and you are beginning to create your reality.

The Attitude Dimension is responsible for changing your patterns so that when you choose different thoughts, a shift in vibration can occur.

The Dimension of Intention is what keeps your rudder turned in the direction you are wanting. Without intention, you wouldn’t have the clarity of focus.

Working in Harmony

All Six Dimensions work in harmony. You can’t separate them but you can be aware of the part they play in your life, both moment by moment, day by day and year by year. These Dimensions work whether you are aware of them or not, so it isn’t whether the Dimensions are important because they are embedded in the fabric of your life, the question is whether it is important to understand the role they play.

You are the creator of your reality. This means it’s up to you to know what you want and how to ask. You can use the Six Dimensions to your advantage to refine and focus on absolutely anything. You were born with the Six Dimensions working in your life. So look back at those things that have worked for you and those that haven’t and see if you can notice how the Dimensions harmonized to give you the result realized.

Your Mood Is The Key

Your mood is the key to consciously creating your reality. Everybody creates their reality, but it isn’t always what they want. To consciously create a life you love, you need to control your mood. On more about mood click here.

In the 6 Dimensions of Healing workshops, we help you to recognize the Dimensions and use them to your advantage to create a life you love, no matter what that is to you.

Start your journey with the 6 Dimensions of Healing – Handbook. Find out more.