[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your mood is much more important to your well-being than most think, as it impacts how you perceive life. Your dominant mood creates your vibration and your vibration creates your reality.

Because the Universe responds to vibration, your vibration creates your reality.

Don’t underestimate the power of your mood as it has infinite control over your body and your life. You are the only one who has control over your mood. It can be affected by others and outside influences but ultimately is your choice.

Your Health & Well-Being

A good mood is optimal for your health and well-being, so it is in your best interests to want to change your mood to feel a little better and better. Your intention in taking on this gentle challenge is to feel good. That’s it. Just to feel good.

Use these 50 ways as a guide to shifting your mood to create a new, better feeling mood and an improved reality. In fact, if you use one of these per week, it covers nearly your whole year. Imagine the impact that will make on your life.


Here Are The 50 Ways To Change Your Mood

  1. Make a choice to Feel Good, no matter what!
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Smile for no reason
  4. Listen to some uplifting music
  5. Dance
  6. Paint abstractly
  7. Reminisce the good times
  8. Imagine a wonderful future
  9. Focus on your breathing
  10. Climb or sit in a tree
  11. Hug a tree
  12. Immerse yourself in nature
  13. Bake for someone you love
  14. Ponder your next holiday
  15. Pet your cat
  16. Play with your dog
  17. Go for a drive
  18. Do a good deed
  19. Run rather than walk
  20. Help someone out
  21. Volunteer
  22. Give without expecting anything in return
  23. Go shopping
  24. Take time to sit and observe
  25. Smile at strangers
  26. Hold your head high
  27. Be aware of your breathing
  28. Look for what’s working
  29. Tell someone you care
  30. Look for the good in people
  31. Speak gently
  32. Sing to yourself
  33. Smile inwardly
  34. Appreciate everything
  35. Be aware of your self-talk. That niggling voice in your head.
  36. Wrap everyone in golden light
  37. Be gentle with yourself
  38. Know that it really doesn’t matter
  39. Make lists of positive aspects
  40. Notice how you have changed your mood
  41. Visualize yourself floating away like a leaf in the wind.
  42. Change your self-talk
  43. Think only good of others (or don’t think of them at all)
  44. Enjoy your own company
  45. Spend time in meditation
  46. Listen to an uplifting talk
  47. Watch a comedy show
  48. Find the funny side and laugh at everything
  49. Understand that things are always working out for you.
  50. Feel as if you are the creator of your own reality


When you make a conscious choice to take on one of the 50 mood changes, your focus changes in the direction of ‘how can I make this happen’, rather than ‘I can’t do that’. That’s all change takes, a new perspective. So, when it’s practiced over and over, it becomes routine. It becomes easy. It becomes natural, because it is.

Nothing Is Forever

It’s important to understand that nothing is forever. We live in a world of constant change and because of this, we need to mind our own mood. You will be constantly choosing how you want to feel, forever. However, the more you practice feeling good the more often you choose this feeling and the less often your mood swings.

I’m sure, after these 50, there will be more that you can think of, so drop us a note at info@6dhealing.com and let us know your additions. What helps you may also help another.

Much love and light,