5 Ways to Stop Energy Thieves

I Was Given a Vision of How Energy Transferred

We’ve all experienced them. The people that seemingly suck the very energy right from under us. It’s an emotional storm. This had happened to me many times before I had a vision in a meditation that changed my perspective and my life. This is what it looked like.

I was walking down the street with a big bubble around me (my energy bubble), when I came across somebody else (also with an energy bubble). I was feeling great and they were having some trouble. Whilst we were talking I could see our bubbles begin to mix. Eventually, she left the conversation feeling better and I felt drained. We still had our own bubbles but the mix inside those bubbles had changed. Our energy had mingled and my mood had significantly shifted in a direction I wasn’t happy about.

What I discovered from this vision was that we all have our own mood which is symbolized by an invisible (to most) energy bubble around us. Others have their own energy bubble which is determined by their own mood. When we communicate with another, our energies mingle and the most dominant mood wins. In other words, because she was dominantly feeling poor and I wasn’t aware of my mood at all, my mood took a fall (see the mood map) and hers lifted. She felt better and I felt worse.

Energy Vampires

People are often referred to as draining, or a leach or even an energy vampire. These are terms used to describe a union that has left a person emotionally drained. Our first response is to avoid the people altogether and sometimes that can work. But if you don’t know who they are, you need to work with them or they’re a part of your extended family, avoidance is not a good option. However, there is another solution.

It’s easy to blame others for how we feel, but we really do have the power to not only hold our own space, but to influence others towards our own great feeling mood. The reason we get pulled into another’s storms is because we usually aren’t prepared for the adverse weather. Often there is no storm warning.

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Here are 5 Steps to weather an emotional storm:

1. When holding our own good feeling mood becomes a conscious choice, we are more prepared to weather an unknown storm.

2. Setting our intentions to “feel good no matter what” at the beginning of the day, is excellent preparation for any storm, no matter which direction it arrives from.

3. Become a skilled Spin Doctor to get really good at changing the subject, to follow our own path of joy.

4. Not buying into another’s argument. It’s just their opinion and that’s OK.

5. Having an inner mantra to counteract the hail from the storm. (It’s not my reality. Or Wouldn’t it be great if …)

These 5 steps are your insurance. They will automatically encourage people out of their storm and towards your joy without you diminishing your own mood. It’s only when we are aware that we can maintain our great feeling mood and keep our own energy bubbles intact.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s at work, home or play, we all come across these situations. Our power comes from being prepared so that we can stay in our own strength and joy. Sure it takes practice, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

weather a storm, stop people stealing your energy

Let’s face it, what are the options?

Unless you’re going to avoid everybody who’s not in a great mood, it’s much more practical to develop empowering tools to stay energised. Otherwise it’s the blame game that will be played over and over. Which isn’t really a solution, it’s an excuse, because we’re still left drained and annoyed at the end of it.

The other person doesn’t necessarily change. If you’re in control of the union, they may feel uplifted, but the aim of the game is to keep our own mood buoyant. Isn’t that selfish? I hope so. Because if you aren’t selfish enough to help yourself to feel good, nobody else is going to make that their priority. So one of two things will happen. They are either happy to come along for the ride, or they’ll make their excuses to depart. Either way is a win for us.

The 5 steps above are what I used to take my power back and because I do healing work, it was important for me to maintain my frequency. Rather than drained at the end of the day, I felt empowered and re-energised. The bonus is that not only did it help me to focus on what I really wanted and that was, to feel great, but my clients were naturally uplifted as well.

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