5 Signs We Are Living In A Virtual Reality

Imagine a world where everything you see, touch, and experience is not as it seems. A reality that challenges the very essence of what you believe to be true. Today, I want to delve into the mind-bending possibility that we may indeed be living in a virtual reality.

Buckle up and open your mind, for this journey may forever change the way you perceive your existence.

Our Own Virtual Reality

In a world filled with wonders and mysteries, the idea that we are living in a simulated reality has captivated the minds of philosophers, scientists, and dreamers alike.

The concept of a virtual reality, once confined to science fiction novels and movies, is now being seriously explored by experts. 

Does a Virtual Reality world mean that choices don’t matter?

Often, when people think of a virtual reality they think of something not being real, that it doesn’t matter what we do. It doesn’t make a difference who we hurt or what experiences we have.

On the contrary, this world is where we make choices, take the consequence of those decisions and live the life we’ve created from our focus, our choices and our experiences. This is called our reality and it makes it a very real world. Because this is the playing field we have chosen for our spirit to expand and grow.

Virtual Reality & the Veil of Forgetfulness

Living in a virtual reality world could be a pivotal reason we experience the veil of forgetfulness after we’re born. I mean, if we actually knew for certain this was just one virtual reality of many, then how seriously would we take it? Would we take more chances, be more reckless, care less about others, or not be afraid to die?

And yet non-physical assures us that when we do leave this life we merely close our eyes here and open them someplace else. That certainly seems like evidence for virtual reality to me.

Evidence For a Virtual Reality

While the verdict is still out about living in a virtual reality, there are five intriguing signs. These all point towards the possibility of our existence within a vast digital universe.

1. Quantum Uncertainty:

The realm of quantum mechanics, with its mind-boggling principles and perplexing behavior, presents a striking parallel to the workings of a virtual reality. At the core of quantum theory lies the principle of uncertainty, where particles exist in a superposition of states until observed. This echoes the idea that our world is malleable and can be altered by conscious observation, much like the dynamic nature of a computer program responding to user input.

2. Simulation Hypothesis:

Prominent thinkers like Elon Musk and Nick Bostrom have proposed the Simulation Hypothesis, which suggests that advanced civilizations could create highly realistic simulations. These are inhabited by conscious beings, much like characters in a video game. If such simulations were possible, the odds of us existing in the one “base reality” would be infinitesimally small. This hypothesis raises the intriguing question: Are we the result of a grand programmer’s design, navigating through a virtual cosmos?

If we actually knew for certain this life was just one virtual reality of many, then how seriously would we take it?
Gayle Maree
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3. Glitches in the Matrix:

Have you ever experienced a strange occurrence that defied the laws of nature? A moment where reality seemed to stutter, revealing a glimpse of the underlying code? These perceived glitches are rare and often dismissed as coincidences or psychic prophecies. But these could be subtle hints that we are living in a virtual construct. From déjà vu to bizarre synchronicities and time stretches, these anomalies might be the glitches in our matrix. Therefore giving us brief glimpses into the true nature of our existence.

4. Mathematical Consistency:

If we examine the universe through the lens of mathematics, we discover an astonishing consistency in its patterns and laws. Mathematical equations elegantly describe the behavior of particles, the motion of celestial bodies, and even the growth of plants. Could this mathematical underpinning be a signature of an intelligent creator or programmer? Somebody or something that is meticulously crafting the code that governs our reality? The numerical harmony we witness may be a clue that we are part of an intricately designed virtual cosmos.

5. Limitations and Boundaries:

As we delve deeper into scientific exploration, we encounter limitations and boundaries that seem eerily reminiscent of the constraints within a virtual reality. The speed of light acts as an absolute speed limit, just as pixelation and rendering limitations are inherent in video games. The discreet nature of matter, the quantized energy levels, and the digital nature of information. These all point to a possible digital substrate underlying our perceived reality.

But here’s more evidence a little closer to home.

When you think about how your own reality changes by changing your emotions. One morning you’re sad and the whole world around you seems to be sad, even the dog responds to your sad feeling. The next day you’re happy and you find evidence of that happiness everywhere. It seems the whole world wants to smile with you. This happens repeatedly. In fact, it happens so often that you don’t even notice.

Undoubtedly, it’s been known for a long time that we are vibrational beings having a physical experience. And wouldn’t that be easy to accept as truth if it was a virtual reality? It means we would be donning a body just for this lifetime.

Potential For Growth in a Virtual Reality

While contemplating the idea of living in a virtual reality may leave us with more questions than answers, it’s essential to keep an open mind. So that we can embrace the profound mysteries that surround us.

Whether we reside in a personal reality or the collective part of an intricately designed universe, one thing is certain: the potential for growth, exploration, and personal transformation knows no bounds.

In fact, it stretches to accommodate our desires. So by embracing uncertainty, we can harness the power of our minds to shape the reality we wish to experience.

Our Ability to Love & Create Is Real

As we continue to unlock the secrets of our existence, let’s remember that the true power lies within us. Regardless of whether we are in a virtual reality or not, our ability to love, create, and inspire is real. We connect with others through our emotions and attract situations and people through our vibration. This makes a lot of sense when you think of this world as a virtual reality.

It’s even more powerful when you realize that our thoughts and emotions are the program for this virtual reality we live in. This means that we can choose the direction of our life by using our soul guidance or emotional map.

Using a Virtual Reality to our Advantage

So let’s use this power to make a positive impact in the world around us, to uplift and empower those who share this journey with us.

As our landscape continues to evolve, we can remember that our essence is not defined by pixels on a screen or lines of code or what somebody or something else has designed. But by where we direct our own focus. It is the depth of our compassion, the strength of our resilience, and the boundless potential of our spirit that truly defines who we are.

In this way, we can use this virtual reality to expand our experience and make our soul sing with a happy, fun-filled life. They’re the same rules whether we’re living in a virtual reality or not.

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