3 Tips to Manifest Bigger, Better & More Easily

Definition of Manifestation

I read recently that manifestation is the art of bringing something from the non-physical into the physical. So how do we manifest bigger and better? The thing that gets in the way of this is resistance. Emotional resistance.

Emotional resistance is pushing against something you don’t want and hoping it will go away. And you may think it’s normal to do this as, after all, you DON’T want it. But we live in an inclusive-based Universe and you can’t push against anything hard enough for it to go away. Instead, you bring it towards you.

Manifest Better and Bigger without Resistance

So what we want and vibrate we attract, what we don’t want and vibrate we still attract. So, we’re actually like a magnet, we’re all in a constant state of attraction. It’s just that we’re not always attracting what we want.

When people talk about manifesting bigger and better, what they’re really eluding to is wanting that new car, the house, the loving partner or the job they’ve been waiting for. Manifestation is seen as attracting more of the things they want in their lives and less of the things they don’t want. And I’m all for that, 100%. 

Why Can’t you Manifest Better?

But if you want to attract something great and you haven’t, then you need to know how you’re getting in your own way. The getting in-your-way part is called emotional resistance. For example,  if you want to become a good swimmer, you need to know what’s wrong with your stroke so that you can correct it otherwise, you’ll think you’re just a drowning butterfly and swimming’s not your thing.

If you want to manifest love in your life and your loving partner hasn’t shown up yet, then you need to know what emotional resistance is so that you can clear the path like the runway for a landing. But instead what happens is that most people either think that the Universe isn’t on their side or that it’s just not working for them.

Because even though they try, they can’t get this manifestation thing working. The paradox is that even thinking this, is emotional resistance.

Manifest Better without these 3 Emotional Sabotages

Here are just 3 ways emotional resistance gets in your way and stops you from manifesting those things you really want:

And they’re all transformable because they’re about what YOU BELIEVE.

1. My dreams are too big so I don’t believe they’re possible.

They’re not really. You just haven’t expanded to the size of your dreams yet.

2. Others don’t believe in my dreams.

They haven’t been given the vision you have, so don’t share your dreams with others.

3. My reality (the world around me) doesn’t support my dreams.

When we look around and don’t find evidence of our dreams having manifested or getting closer, we lose hope of our dreams ever manifesting.

All of these are forms of emotional resistance.

Get Back on the Train to Manifest Bigger & Better

And get back on that manifesting train. Because that’s what resistance does, it stops the manifestations we REALLY want. Such as love, loving relationships, happiness, fun and laughter.

But there is another way of putting this. Rather than emotional resistance STOPPING our manifestations, resistance jumps the tracks of a railway yard so that we’re traveling in a different direction. We’re still manifesting but often it’s not the things that we want.

The only way we can alleviate the pain and anguish that emotional resistance creates is by closing the gap. The pain gap between where we are now and feeling the resistance and where our soul guidance is standing. Which is smack bang in the middle of our Soul’s Blueprint calling us towards our Purpose.

Your Soul’s Purpose Knows Only Allowing

Your Soul Guidance will always take the higher path or the higher truth and that’s because it’s what you want too, it’s your Soul’s Purpose.

It’s like a mother guiding her child across the road. She takes the child’s hand, shows her how to look both ways and crosses the road safely. But when the child has to do this without his mother, he’s a little more uncertain. As he remembers the instructions from his mother to look both ways, he feels more guided and sure of himself.

It’s when we remember the call of our Soul’s Blueprint that we feel more guided, and more connected on our path. This is when we’re in the flow of happiness, synchronicities and love.

Manifest Bigger & Better by Connecting with Soul Guidance

Resistance isn’t a thing or an emotion, it’s guidance. The emotional pull we feel is the tension between our belief on the subject we’re thinking about and what our Soul’s guidance believes on the same subject. Emotional resistance is soul guidance. It’s just not packaged like harps and angels because you haven’t heard them calling so far, now it’s time for the heavy guns. Resistance is nudging you to change course to the path of your Soul’s Blueprint. To your calling, your Soul’s Purpose.

Where we really want to be is on the path of allowing because there is only a stream of well-being. There isn’t a stream of poverty or of sickness or loneliness, there is only a path of well-being. It’s called a soul’s blueprint and we’re either on this path or we’ve jumped tracks and taken a detour. And our emotional resistance is letting us know, nudging us back on course.

Because when we’re feeling in sync with life, that’s the path towards our Soul’s purpose, it’s the whispering of guidance, the gentle call of source and the manifestations that we want unfold graciously.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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