3 Steps for Allowing More Fun & Happiness

Allowing Fun is Being in The Right Place at the Right Time

Allowing fun is the feeling of being in the right place at the right time, smiling at everything and knowing that all is well with the world. The Universe has your back.

We’ve all had that feeling of joy at some time in our lives. If you don’t have it now, then you have it at one time. Joy is an expression of happiness, and we all express it in our own way and it’s a byproduct of allowing fun.

It wasn’t until recently that I came to understand that we all experience fun in our lives differently. Some people are loud and outgoing and want the whole world to know how they feel. They’re the ones at the party that everyone hears and there’s a natural assumption that those people are having fun and are very happily immersed in joy. (And maybe they are and maybe they’re pretending. Or a bit of both.) In fact, if you walked into that party and your attention was drawn towards them, you would likely describe it as a fun party.

But what if you’re not the loud, outgoing type, then how do you become happy like that? Well, the answer is simply that you don’t. For some of you, me included, you just feel this rising of joy within. It’s like an effervescence bubbling up inside. There may be a smile on your face and people smile back automatically because you look happy. And that is a moment of fun. The Universe is feeding your happiness back to you and that’s a lot of fun.

So How Do We Begin Allowing Fun in our lives?

Nothing amazing needs to happen in our lives for the feeling of fun to bubble up inside. It begins with the little things and expands as it gathers momentum.

It’s your focus that brings fun into your experience. When you focus on the things that are working in your life, then you find more things that are working. They gather like a moth to a flame. And when you recognize what’s happening, that you’re actually creating this, then that’s fun.

Allowing Fun Through Your Focus

You always have the opportunity to create fun or fear; the difference is your focus. The intention is your choice. To choose fun or something else. Happiness, joy, laughter or fear and uncertainty. They are always in the mix.

When you focus on things that feel great you let go of thinking for a while and begin feeling. Allowing the fun is about feeling happy and joyous and when you have that, you look for more and more things that are fun. More things to be happy about. It’s how you perpetuate the feeling of fun. That’s why, when you’re feeling great, amazing things happen and that’s fun!

Allowing Fun Isn’t Forever

Allowing fun in your life doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy. There will always be things that aren’t working and if they get your attention and you focus on them, then some other emotion will take its places such as fear or uncertainty, maybe frustration or anger.

But it’s only temporary, you have the option of allowing fun at any time and you can do this with your focus. That’s why it’s important to find something that is working. Even if it’s only one thing. Because whatever you focus on expands, and when you want to allow fun, you want to focus on things that make you smile.

When your focus is on your joy and fun, it expands. When your focus is on what you don’t like, it expands. The choice of where you focus is always yours.
Gayle Maree
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Expanding the Fun in Life

When your focus is on your joy and fun, it expands. When your focus is on what you don’t like, it expands. The choice of where you focus is always yours.

When you begin to notice how your body responds to allowing fun, you get more of a good-feeling body. Allowing fun, and feeling the flow of joy, love and happiness in your life is the best mood you can be in and it attracts more of what you do want into your life.

It’s aligned with your Soul Path and your connection with your Inner Soul Guidance.

Allowing Fun in your Life For Manifestations

Fun and Manifestation are harmonious bedfellows. Now I am talking about wonderful manifestations here. Where your dreams come to fruition, your bank account becomes pregnant and you feel great. Of course, we are continually manifesting, but sometimes the things that turn up aren’t always what you want. Manifestations come in many forms and it’s difficult to feel grateful for a car accident or a broken toe. So Manifesting Magnetically is expanding your ability to consciously manifest with purpose and intent.

However, feeling joy and allowing fun to dominate your life has its own rewards. It’s a magical manifestation in itself.

Can you Live Without Fun?

Of course. But it’s a part of happiness. They go hand-in-hand. So it’s all about the choices you make. Things don’t have to change in your life to have fun. People don’t need to be in a good mood or there doesn’t need to be a special scenario happening for you to allow fun into your life. It’s a decision you make for yourself, by yourself. Just as nobody else needs to change for you to be happy, nothing needs to change in your life to have fun.

Others may even be angry that you are happy and having fun when they think you shouldn’t. But don’t let that be a deciding factor as nobody else knows what’s good for you. Only you.

But you CAN live without fun. You’ve seen people all around you that have and you can notice many that are depriving themselves of fun and you can recognize them by their sullen mood, those who are quick to anger, resentment and retaliation. You may even work with some. For me, fun is an important ingredient in life. It makes life so much more fulfilling. And you’ll need to decide whether fun is important in your life or not. Because it’s you who either disallows or allows the fun to flow in your life.

Use these 3 Steps for Allowing Fun into your Life Each Day:

  1. Meditate – use some form of relaxation or guided meditation to let go of the busy thoughts and just relax. All that you’re looking for is found within not outside of you.
  2. Micro-Achievements – Look for what’s working and focus on little things you like – even if only one thing is working, focus on that and not what isn’t. I know this can be difficult. It’s easy to say “If I don’t focus on the problem, I won’t find a solution”. But it’s not true as the solution can never be found in the same space as the problem.
  3. Monitor Mood – Feel your way, don’t think it – most people try to think their way out of a problem. But imagine a roll of Christmas lights that you pull to unravel and the more you pull the tighter the tangle becomes. To unravel a problem from thinking, you need to let it go and feel your way to the solution. 

Free yourself and live with joy and fun.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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