2 New Ways to Live an Easier, Happier Life

Where it Began

I was revisiting a business book called the E-Myth recently. And as an entrepreneur, it makes so much sense. If you don’t know what it’s about it explains the formula for an ideal life business that will succeed. That’s important because 400K small businesses in the US fail each year.

So it explains that when people go into business they do so because they’re sick of having a boss and they have a talent so they build the business around that talent. They build the business from the ground up. And that makes sense, doesn’t it? Do you know people who have done that because I certainly do? And every business I know follows that model.

We’re Doing Life The Wrong Way Around

But what he’s saying is that it’s the wrong way around and that’s why these businesses as a whole don’t work for long. The model he’s suggesting is to build them from the top down.

To have a vision of what the business or company will look like once it’s successful and to know what that feels like. To imagine it as if it’s real.

Then, from that vantage point, to put the tools in place that need to run and grow the business, from a place of vision. Now you may be thinking that you’re not running a business so what does that have to do with you? Well, it does and here’s why…

An Epiphany for The Model of an Ideal Life

Now there are a lot more moving parts of course. But the epiphany for me when I was walking this morning (that’s when I get a lot of my best stuff)  I remembered that whatever is true of one thing is true of the whole. That’s a Universal law. If you want to know how the Universe works, take something simple and apply it to something else. Because the rules are Universal.

So with this in mind, I realized that we’re doing life upside down. It’s no wonder people can’t align or even find their ideal life and they have trouble navigating their soul path. That’s because they’re doing life from the bottom up and they can’t even get a glimpse of the top.

The Ideal Life Can Get Stuck In Reality

This means they’re stuck in reality. A reality they’ve created from past habits, limiting beliefs and outside influences and they’re trying to find their way to the top of that pile, to grow and expand into something else that they think is their purpose. But it’s all a guessing game. Like climbing the ladder to success only to find when you get there that the ladder was against the wrong building, and not your ideal life at all.

This is the difficult pathway and most people fail miserably at finding happiness, their life in tatters as they respond to one experience and then another. The reason for this collapse in life’s joy is that they’re looking at it from the wrong vantage point. It’s upside down. They’re climbing a mountain without knowing what’s at the top.

Go to The End First

Now don’t laugh but I’m one of these people that goes to the end of the book to find out what the ending is like. I prefer a happy ending and I’ve read too many books that leave me fighting with an emotional hangover that can last for months. So I want to know where the author is taking me and if it’s somewhere I don’t like then I prefer not to read the book. (Yes, movies are the same.) I want to know what’s at the top of the mountain BEFORE I climb it. And then the climb is exciting.

I want to know what’s at the top of the mountain BEFORE I climb it. And then the climb is exciting.
Gayle Maree
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Begin At The Top Of Your Ideal Life

So what if you could look at the top of your ideal life first? See life from the ultimate position. What you want it to look like, how you’ll feel, the people you’ll hang around with and the places you’ll go. And the only place you can do this from is the end of this life, it’s the top of the mountain.

Here’s what to do:

Relax and imagine you are reviewing your life just after you die, the ideal life where you become the best version of yourself.  Witness the way you act around people, how you treat them, how they feel about you, who is there, what success you’ve had, who you shared your life with, what the highlights were and how you died.

You also want to know what the turning point was to move you in this direction. Because that’s the advice you need to take for your ideal life to unfold. 

In this way, you’re creating a new reality from the top down and not from the bottom up. Most people are too entrenched in reality to see the bigger picture, but you can do that through this meditation.

Journaling Your Ideal Life From The Future

I have a journal beside my bed and I often write from a future time looking back and pondering the path of my ideal life. Coming from the future I give appreciation for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had and also give the current me insights into what the turning points were that made this future a reality. Then I can follow this path.

It might seem strange but your mind actually doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. So you can imagine the reality that’s in front of you and create more of it or you can imagine something as you want it and create more of that. The choice is yours.

This is an opportunity to change paths from a default life where you’re trying to get your head above water to see what’s coming or designing an ideal life from the vantage point of seeing the top first.

This is where you can put tools in place and decide on the next steps in your life. Not because you have everything worked out, but because you know the path you want to take. And you can use your Soul’s Blueprint as a guide.

You always have a choice as to how your life unfolds because you are the creator of your reality.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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Old but True Saying

Have you heard the saying that ‘they’ve got their head in the clouds?’

It’s an old saying used to criticize somebody for dreaming or looking at life from the top down because they aren’t stuck in reality like others. So they would be ridiculed and pulled back to a level that makes others around them feel more comfortable. Don’t let this happen to you.


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Someone once told me (a well-respected mentor) that people need “experts” to live a life they value… and I didn’t believe them.

I thought everybody could do it on their own because I did. I figured out what didn’t work in my life and then I changed it. Actually, I changed me. And it was a LOT of work!

Not because I was trying to impress those that told me I had a ‘bad attitude’ or I had something to prove to people who thought I was lousy at pretty well everything, but because there were aspects of me that even I didn’t like. I wanted improvements in me and my life.

Change Versus Comfort

It was obvious to me that if I didn’t make changes I could expect more of the same in my life as before. The same things that didn’t work, the same relationships that my parents had.

I wanted more. Mostly, I wanted my kids to be proud of me. Damn it, I wanted to be proud of myself.

So, I set about what would be a continuous, amazing journey.

I’ve been with my Spiritual Soulmate over 30 years now and we still work on the relationship, we work on improving us, because we know that whatever we want, to get it we need to be different to how we were.

And I listen so much more now because I value the wisdom of my non-physical guides who have been with me for as long as I can remember.

Now it’s your turn

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