10 Great Reasons to Journal Every Day

Sweep away the debris of the day.

In just 10 minutes, before you go to sleep in the evening, you can journal to set yourself up for success.

No matter how you felt during the day, or what your mood by the end, journaling offers an avenue of clearing the soul.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Prepare yourself for success by clearing the past and opening up to the opportunities to come.

Journaling offers these benefits:

1. Consistency. When you’re consistent about anything, you’re developing a pattern and journaling is an excellent pattern to develop as it helps you stay on target and presses the reset button for the following day.

2. Revision. Journaling is about revising the day. Not the situations, but your moods and emotions. How you handled yourself and how much you’ve appreciated the experience.

3. Appreciation is the path of connection. When you are connected to your higher self or who you truly are, then you are on track and in the zone. Sleep is encouraged and dreams are much more peaceful.

4. Clarifying. If the day has not been something to appreciate, journaling gives you the opportunity to clarify your thoughts. Write your moods and how you felt, then look for something to appreciate. It will help you gain clarity in moving forward.

5. Cementing your Thoughts. When you have appreciated your day and are in an uplifting mood because of the day, or just from journaling, this is the time that new thoughts and opportunities pour forth. Writing down these inspirations is the way to cement your thoughts for the next day.

6. Refining your direction. Sometimes there is the opportunity for change. Journaling your moods helps you relax so that you can gain clarity on your choices and what feels like the next step.

7. Communication. This is the time we communicate with our Higher Selves. The all knowing, bigger picture dudes who hang around to help us find our feet and give us clarity. Our moods are the communication with our Higher Selves and its a great time to hand over any problems of questions with the expectation of clarity.

8. Support. I’m talking about feeling supported. When you connect with your Higher Self, you feel supported and loved. Sometimes life can be a lonely journey, even with a partner and it’s nice to feel supported. Your journal listens, so pour your moods out and then appreciate something you felt.

9. Confirmation. These are the runs on the board. Which means that when you’ve experienced an event that has worked or unfolded beautifully, you journal it and this becomes your runs on the board. These are important because you know you’ve already accomplished what it takes. It’s both confirmation and congratulations.

10. Longevity. Connection through journaling will give you the encouragement you need to keep going. When we feel connected, we feel inspired. So you’re less likely to give up. Keep the lines of communication open by journaling and let the inspiration pour forth onto your pages.

Journaling Gives You the Opportunity to End Your Day On a High Note

When you journal before bed, it gives you the opportunity to clear the stresses of the day. Journaling simply clears your thoughts and dissolves problems. Any stress or angst can be written down. It allows you to let go and pave the way to a great new beginning. The intention for journaling is to feel good. So, even if you begin unhappy, you can end feeling great. It sets up your new day.

My 2 rules for journaling are:

  1. Forget the situation. Write about how you felt, your mood. Get it all out.
  2. Find something to appreciate to end on. If you can’t find something in your life that you love, then make something up and write as if. Your mind actually doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Your moods will respond accordingly.

Journal Just Before You Sleep

The end of the day is an excellent time for journaling as it sets you up for a good sleep and clears your mind for the next morning. Then, if you pick up where you left off the night before, like most people do, appreciation is a pretty good mood to begin your day.

Don’t worry if you can’t get into the space of appreciation, just find the best mood you can and write your way to feeling better and better. Check out the Mood Map for guidance.

I’ve been journaling in the evening for close to 7 years. It has improved my quality of sleep and it also helps me to connect and redirect my moods so that I’m not living my life by default but choosing to design a life I love. I’m also amazed at what I write sometimes. It really is an inner connection that channels the very broadest of inspiration and knowledge.

Give it a go, you’ll be surprised.

Gayle Maree soul guidance

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