What is 6D Mood Mastery?

soulmate revealedYour Soulmate Revealed

What type of Soulmate is your Match?

Attract Your Spiritual Soulmate

Your Spiritual relationship begins with you, it’s an inner journey and because of this, the effects are powerful and far-reaching.

Develop a deep connection with:

  • A Partner
  • Family
  • Work Relationships
  • Most Importantly – YOURSELF

There is a formula for creating authentic Spiritual relationships and they’re developed with practice.  Your Spiritual relationship is your path to inner happiness, and a multitude of benefits such as weight-loss, prosperity, a healthy lifestyle and of course attracting a Spiritual Soulmate.

It’s time to turn your life around.

Developing a Habit of Happiness will give you…

Easy relationships that flourish and grow

Consistently being in the right place at the right time

Strong and guided intuition

A path of opportunities that weren’t even imagined

A world that transforms into a magical place of synchronicities and well-designed manifestations

Happiness is the Path to Successful Relationships

Success doesn’t create happiness, but happiness is the path to success. Success in relationships and in attracting a Spiritual Soulmate.

There are a lot of rich and so-called successful people that are very unhappy. They think that having a soulmate will solve all their problems. Wave a magic wand and poof, they would be happy. Yet, they’re not. So what’s that about?

They made a fundamental mistake. They thought that moving from one area of unhappiness to pursuing something else, would make things better. But all they got was a different set of problems that caused more unhappiness.

6D Mood Mastery

Developing an Authentic Path to Happiness

Your mood is the secret to manifesting your dreams. To do it without sacrificing your soul is called authenticity. When you gain the skill of mastering your mood, you are no longer trapped and have developed the tools necessary to achieve your higher purpose.

Authenticity is what integrates that into a life which makes your soul sing.

Happiness Creates Authenticity

Even if you haven’t yet put your ideas into action, get this Free Workbook to Quickstart your Business Success.

  • Turn uncertainty into opportunity
  • Align yourself with the very best in life
  • Life has changed forever – are you ready?

Use the 6 Dimensions of Healing to leverage the Law of Attraction and grow your Online Business.

Download my video interactive workbook to give you the 6 Foundations for a Successful Online Business. This will jumpstart your business success by unleashing the Law of Attraction.

gayle maree

With 14 years of Law of Attraction experience and Coaching, I make it sound simple, fun and very easy.

Gayle Maree – LOA Mindset Coach – 6 Dimensions of Healing


Gayle Maree & Allan Herring

Relationship Coaches

Attract your Spiritual Relationship. 6 Dimensions of Healing was born to help our 30,000 clients to better understand how to be happy and live a healthy and vibrant life. The formula for a habit of consistent happiness is through Mastering your Mood. We’ve used it with our kids, our clients, and ourselves. It’s a transformational experience and one you’ll love.

What is 6 Dimensions of Healing?

Law of Attraction simplified. The 6 Dimensions are a part of you and we are here to help you discover how you can begin to incorporate them into designing a life you really love.

Physical Dimension

The beliefs you hold about health have been formed many years ago. This has evolved from your history, as you have already created your own pattern of health. What you need to decide …

Mental Dimension

Thinking is a part of being human. Your thoughts define you, as they are different from everyone else’s, even though you sometimes share opinions with others. You are the only person who can …

Emotional Dimension

Your emotions are your connection with the Universe and with your Higher Self. They create the experiences that unfold as your life. So, your reality is essentially designed by your thoughts and …

Vibration Dimension

It’s when you’re inspired that the phone rings with an obscure opportunity that is always different to the one expected. An offer comes out of nowhere, or a chance meeting becomes a stepping-stone …

Intention Dimension

It is your intentions that determine the outcome for your day. When your intentions are to have a great day, then you do. It’s when you don’t set your intentions that your default …

Attitude Dimension

It’s not how you present yourself to the world that defines you, but your reaction to what you notice. Attitude is your demeanor in life. It’s how you process what life has …

Get your copy of 6 Dimensions of Healing – Handbook now

6 Dimensions of Healing 

Imagine your life is like a tangled ball of wool

and it’s tangled all around you like a cacoon. You feel restricted and can’t move very much. If you take too big of a step, you’ll fall over. You just can’t seem to unravel that ball and the more you move, the tighter it gets.

Then imagine that ball of wool begins to unravel by itself. It just loosens its grip and falls to the floor. Without any effort from you. Well, this is what 6 Dimensions of Healing does. It unravels the ties that bind your life and gives you back your freedom.

Unlock the Inner Secrets of Why Your Life Unfolds the way it Does and Transform The Hidden Challenges That Are Keeping You From Living Your Purpose.

6 Dimensions of Healing will help you summon the energy of the Universe to gain a new understanding of how your mood affects every area of your life. When you master your mood you’re creating your life by design that makes your soul sing.

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