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The Purpose Pathway

Your FREE 7-Day Roadmap to Renewal

Ignite your Spiritual Journey

Discover your Starseed Roots to unveil life’s second act with a Galactic Akashic Reading.  It’s your gateway to a purpose-driven life. This curated suite of spiritual tools and soulful guidance is crafted to empower your transformative journey. 

6 dimensions of healing

What can 6 Dimensions of Healing do for you?

Allan & Gayle Herring

If you’re standing at a crossroads, yearning for a life that’s aligned with who you really are then 6 Dimensions of healing is the compass to navigate your next chapter.

Work with Gayle

Transform with Gayle

Through a three-step process, Gayle will gracefully lead you through a new doorway to explore the journey of your Soul Guidance. This profound connection with your internal compass will empower you to unearth the solutions for your next chapter in life. You need not “follow” anyone, for your innate wisdom resides within. This is the pathway to self-empowerment, infused with wisdom, humility, and plenty of inspiration.

Whitehawk and Allan

Insights with Whitehawk

Discover profound spiritual insights with Allan, our experienced channel at 6 Dimensions of Healing. Allan’s unique blend of wisdom, intuition, and compassion offers transformative guidance. This is a space where Whitehawk’s revelations unfold, providing meaningful guidance for your spiritual path. Open your heart as Allan invites you to experience a spiritual journey like no other, filled with healing, insight, and profound connections.

Work with allan

Heal with Allan

Reestablish your connection with the profound signals of your soul’s inherent joy encryption, thereby setting your soul free. Countless individuals have, over time, grown distant from their Soul’s Bliss Code, leading to physical, mental, and emotional pain. Even when they recognize this isn’t their desired state, they struggle to rediscover their authentic encoding of love and serenity. Here’s how you can reconnect with the rhythm of your soul.

✪    your best version    ✪    your best version    ✪    your best version     ✪    your best version    ✪   your best version

Beginning a transformative journey towards your “second act” can be life-changing, and it’s pivotal to align yourself with a mentor whose experience shines through their results.

Not all guides are created equal in the realm of spiritual awakening. The distinction we hold is grounded in our hands-on expertise and our unwavering dedication to nurturing physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

In a world where many practitioners prioritize profit over genuine assistance, we stand in stark contrast. Our dedication to the healing arts isn’t just a profession—it’s our passion. This is the cornerstone of the thriving business we’ve lovingly cultivated.

With a

  • compassionate heart,
  • extensive knowledge, and
  • seasoned experience,

we’re here to support you in unlocking the sacred wisdom within your soul towards the best version of you.

To start you on this path, we’re offering a powerful step up that will begin your journey of discovery. It’s more than just a resource; it’s a window into what’s possible when you partner with us in your quest for healing and growth.

Step into the transformative light of your journey and emerge as the best version of yourself—radiant, fulfilled, and truly aligned with your life's purpose. That's your 5⭐️ Best Version.

6 Dimensions of Healing

About Allan & Gayle

Our journey has been rich with the wisdom of holistic healing and spiritual counseling, spanning over four decades. It’s a path we’ve walked with intention and heart, and it’s the same path we’re eager to walk alongside you as you step into the power of the best version of you.

Our expertise is the light that shines on your hidden strengths, our compassion the gentle breeze that encourages you forward, and our dedication the bridge that carries you over turbulent waters. We are here to support you, to cheer you on, and to celebrate each revelation and milestone as you uncover the hidden pathways of your life’s unique transition.

Together, we will:

  • Unearth the essence of your Purpose, the core of your very being.
  • Fan the embers of your Inner Flame, finding your passion and drive.
  • Gift you a lens to See your Path with New Eyes, revealing landscapes of possibility.
  • Turn the lead of hesitation into the gold of action, helping you Alchemize Inspiration into Tangible Action.
  • Help you Cultivate a Positive Mindset, nurturing thoughts that bloom into beautiful realities.
  • Guide you in Transforming your Relationship with Uncertainty, making peace with the unknown.

We invite you with open arms and hearts full of excitement for what’s to come. Embrace this transformative adventure with us. Your next-level life is not just a distant dream—it’s within reach, and together, we’ll bring it into the light.

Renew your Spirit of Abundance

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