We Are Happy To Present A Wonderful Range Of Products From The BohoVin™ Range by Bartholomews

Bohemian Vintage is for the person who wants to express their blossoming uniqueness amongst a world of deep conformity. It’s for you and me. It’s freedom for your future.

6 Dimensions Of Healing – Handbook

The 6 Dimensions of Healing is now a Handbook which helps to give you an understanding of each dimension and how you can create your Best Reality. When you understand how your life works, you can gain the power to change what you don’t like and create what you do. Nothing is off limits.

To find out more about the 6 Dimensions of Healing are and how they can help you, Read More..

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Get Your FREE Turquoise Double Heart Pendant Now.  This is a beautiful Turquoise and Filigree Antique Silver necklace from the growing BohoVin™ range. It has been popular and there is very limited stock so get yours now!

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Natural Healing Chakra Bracelet

The benefits of wearing a Natural Lava Stone Bracelet for your 7 major chakras, are endless. It is a reminder to keep your chakras open at all times. Especially in times of stress.

Below are the 7 chakra bracelet benefits, what they do and why your chakras will benefit from being open and balanced!

Read More About Natural Lava Chakra Bracelet

These mens and womens natural stone bracelets come in:

  • Tigers Eye,
  • 7 chakra stones for balance,
  • Buddha and
  • Lava stone
  • And Many More
  • They help bring balance to your body.
  • The natural prayer stones come in a range of colors, stones and healing types.Often called yoga bracelets, these fashion statements are of value to everyone.
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Do You Love The Symbolism Of Butterflies?

Butterflies are the natural symbol of change. As they metamorphose from caterpillar into beautiful butterfly, they teach us to remember that every change is leading us along a path of joy. There we can spread our gossamer wings and enjoy our transformation.
Read More about the symbolism of butterflies.
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Adjustable Wingz™ Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring

  • Amazing Looking Butterfly Ring with adjustable sizing.
  • Looks great on any finger and
  • Made with genuine .925 Sterling Silver
  • Wear all day everyday without allergies
  • Large Gossamer Silver Lace wings
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50% OFF Butterfly Bracelet Watch

  • Enjoy the luxury of a bracelet with
  • Dangling Vintage Look Butterfly and
  • Threaded Pawa Beads on
  • A Leather Woven Band
  • Complete with Vintage Look framed Quartz Movement Watch
  • 3 bracelets in one
  • That look really amazing
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50% OFF Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace

  • This Elegant Butterfly Necklace will look wonderful around your neck.
  • Shiny and beautiful abalone colored cubic zirconia
  • It is delicate, yet strong and
  • Hangs from the nape with 4 butterflies that
  • Look like they are flying
  • Made from solid .925 sterling silver the
  • Butterflies are encrusted with Sparkling Cubic Zirconia with
  • Adjustable length Sterling Silver Necklace
  • Beautiful for any occasion with
  • Sterling Silver you can wear it all the time.
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