Shine Your Light

Remember the Song, “When You’re Smiling, The Whole World Smiles With You?” Well there is a lot of truth in that statement. Not because everyone in the world is smiling, but because your mood is emitting an etheric colored light beam. As your light shines, you are attracted to those who emit a similar color light beam, as they shine as well.

You may not be able to see this etheric light, but you can certainly feel it. You become focused on those with a similar mood. Therefore, when you feel great, you won’t even notice the people who are grumpy. They could be walking right by you and you won’t even notice. You won’t experience the rude ones either, and your not likely to come in the vicinity of people who cut you off in traffic when you are in a great mood.

Shine A Light

This sense of ‘feeling great’ is a wonderful way of creating a reality filled with what you want. Milk this feeling for as long as you can and you will see evidence of change for the better in your life.

Do the grumpy people still exist?  Of course they do. But when you are focused upon things that are working well in your life, you won’t even notice them. Just like you, they emit their own colored etheric light but their shade will reflect their mood and they will attract others that match their light.

However, it’s not your job to look for people who aren’t feeling great and try and change them. In fact, it’s a sure way to change your mood to something you don’t really want, very quickly. The best you can do for another is to feel good. REALLY good. As it is your example that will shine the light for all who want to follow.

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