Refine Your Focus

What ever you focus upon, you create more of. As you focus upon what is wanted in your life, you create more ofwhat is wanted. When you focus on what isn’t wanted, you create more of what isn’t wanted.

The reality that’s you are currently living was created by your focus in the past. You may not think that your focusing on fear makes a difference in your life, but in fact it creates your future reality. Being in a place of fear, creates more feelings of fear as it gains momentum. It isn’t long before you are living what you have created. A fearful reality.

When you want a reality that is filled with fun and joy, you need to set your intention to focus on that which is fun and joy. And if you can’t find it in your life, then you can imagine fun and joy. As your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is created, the imagined fun and joy, create a mood of the same.

It is your moods that create, and your focus influences your mood.

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