Mood Map

Just as your Mood Barometer translates emotions, you were also born with an internal Mood Map. This is a guide for creating your best life through consciously choosing your emotions. Your Mood Map shows you the direction in which you are emotionally traveling. This Mood Map has been a guiding path all your life, whether you were aware of it or not.

Alignment Moods

When you are moving in a direction that is in alignment with your Higher Self who holds the light for you, your emotions are fun, joy, love, enthusiasm, and appreciation. If you make choices that move you in a direction that is not in alignment with your Higher Self you feel emotions of fear, anger, depression, disappointment, or blame. If you experienced these emotions at any time in your life, you were witnessing your Mood Map in motion. Unlike the GPS in your car, it does not have to be plugged in or given directions, as it’s always working to guide you towards your Source Energy. You can recognize some of the guideposts easily, as, ‘fear’ or ‘love.’ Most you probably don’t recognize these as such, but understanding your Mood Map is an opportunity to consciously choose your emotions and choose a new reality.

Reason For A Mood Map

The magnificent reason for having a Mood Map is to guide you on your journey of life. The Map itself helps you to see where you are in relation to where you want to be and the only place you ever want to be, is connected. The mood of joy, fun, laughter and enthusiasm are naturally where you want to be as this is your connection. It is the only mood that will harmonize with your desires.

The importance of understanding your Mood Map is to move through life with fun and joy, knowing that every decision you make is the right one, until the next.

When you experienced a negative emotion in response to something you were observing, you may have blamed someone else for how you felt, instead of understanding the emotion as the guidance of your Mood Barometer.

You Choose Your Mood

The person who was the object of your blame may have participated in the experience, but no one is to blame for how you felt about it. Your emotion was an indicator of how you were traveling on your Mood Map in relation to where you were going. When you feel the tension and the emotion repeatedly, you have built some momentum on the subject and it will manifest in your life. Whether you want this subject or not, your focus on that emotion will manifest in either your surroundings or your body.