6 Dimensions of Healing


Find Out Why ‘Stuff’ Happens To You And Uncover The Hidden Challenges That Are Keeping You From Creating A Life You Love

You’ll Gain A New Understanding Of All Your Relationships And How You Can Attract A Harmonious, Loving Reality

You Were Born With The 6 Dimensions Of Healing Within, To Help You Create Great Joy In Your Life. You Only Need To Discover How To Use These Dimensions To Create Your Best Reality

6D Healing

Mood Mastery

It may seem simple, but your mood is the key to changing your life. When you can control your mood by choosing to move it in a direction that feels better, your life will unfold in ways you never expected possible.

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The 6 Dimensions Of Healing


Each of us has our own idea of what health is. To one it may be about being fit and vegetarian, to another it could be about minimizing pain. This is all determined by your history, as you have already created your own pattern of health. What you need to decide is whether that pattern you have developed, usually by default, is working for you or not.


Thinking is a part of being human. Your thoughts define you, as they are different from everyone else’s, even though you sometimes share opinions with others. You are the only person who can choose the thoughts you think, and because of this, there has always been persuasion from others to influence the direction of your thoughts. Whether by the media, politicians, parents, or friends, it has long been understood


Your emotions are your connection with the Universe and with your Higher Self. Just as your mood is the center of your Universe. It creates the experiences that unfold as your life. So, your reality is essentially designed by your emotions. Emotions become your guiding light down the path of life. They help you understand why things happen the way they do, and they show you the direction in which you are traveling.


You can change your life and the life of those who are inspired by your optimism by consciously setting your intentions.

It isn’t possible to change other people, but they do respond differently around you when you have chosen to be joyful. It’s empowering to know that you can enhance life’s experiences by changing your perception.


It’s when you’re inspired that the phone rings with an obscure opportunity that is always different to the one expected. An offer comes out of nowhere, or a chance meeting becomes a stepping-stone to something bigger. You’re inspired to go somewhere, or do something different from the usual. This method is known to us as ‘coincidence’, but is poignantly orchestrated by the idea that has taken shape and is eager to be born.


It’s not how you present yourself to the world that defines you, but your reaction to what you notice. Attitude is your demeanor in life. It is how you process what life has presented you with.

This is a learned behavior that has been cultivated over many lifetimes. Attitude does not commence as an outward expression but an inward observation. Therefore, observing your thoughts is the key to understanding your own attitude towards life.

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