What does taking a 'Leap of Faith' mean to you?

  • Does it mean that you go blindly into the unknown?
  • Does it mean that you forge through fear?
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Once in a lifetime, a book comes along that paints clarity and helps you understand your purpose and direction.  Eureka moments are few and far between and yet, with the 6 Dimensions of Healing Handbook, you will find yourself having many of these moments.

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You can change your life and the life of those who are inspired by your optimism by consciously setting your intentions. (more…)

What is a vibration and how does it affect your life? Your vibration is the result of the dominant mood you have been experiencing. When you feel a mood, either wanted or unwanted for long enough, you begin to offer a vibration. <span aria-label="Continue reading Vibration...

It's not how you present yourself to the world that defines you, but your reaction to what you notice. Attitude is your demeanor in life.


Thinking is a part of being human. Your thoughts define you, as they are different from everyone else’s, even though you sometimes share opinions with others. (more…)

A Robust Body is a Healthy Body.

Being robust is to be healthy and fit enough so that, no matter what happens, your body can deal with it.

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