What does taking a ‘Leap of Faith’ mean to you?

  • Does it mean that you go blindly into the unknown?
  • Does it mean that you forge through fear?
  • Does it mean that you do something you don’t want to do?

It is many things to many people but always, when you are faced with the unknown, there is a certain amount of trust that comes to play. Bust just who are you trusting?

If you are religious, you would say God, but who is it that you trust if you aren’t religious?

Revel in the Excitement

We all need to take a ‘Leap of Faith’ every now and again. This means that we don’t have all the information and we aren’t as familiar with the situation that we would like to be, but we are ready to move forward. But don’t take that leap just yet because there are things you can do to prepare yourself to make your leap as comfortable as possible. So, instead of fear, you can revel in the excitement.

When you imagine something you want, and then ponder it so it begins to take shape, you are creating something that will become tangible. Your thoughts can become thought-forms and those thought-forms then think and also create. Your thoughts are real.

Create Your Dreams

When you want something and use your imagination to fill in all the details and you feel the emotion of that manifestation as if it has already occurred, you are putting yourself in alignment with the dream you are creating. You are setting the dream alight.

Even if you were never to think about that dream again, it would keep moving and growing and becoming that dream that you created. It would evolve as you do and eventually, when you are ready, you would become a match with the evolved dream. It may not even be recognisable as the dream once pondered, as it has changed so much to become better than you ever imagined.

When you are feeling great, you are in alignment with your dreams. A joyous mood is one that will connect you with your evolved dream, no matter how long ago it was. People think in terms of time with manifestations, but it is never about time, it’s about expansion. You need to expand and grow within to become a match with the evolved dream. That could take a day, a week, a year, a lifetime.

Your Opportunities

Then, an opportunity occurs and it is something you feel excited about. You don’t recognise it as anything you have asked for, as the opportunity may be a sidewards move. This is the natural direction paths take. They are rarely straight. Because you aren’t sure about the opportunity and it is a big step, you hesitate. Now is where a Leap of Faith is required.

However, when you understand that every opportunity is taking you in the direction of what you really want, which is to feel great, then that leap takes on a different hue. There is a little less risk involved. And when you understand that you are being led by your Higher Self in the direction of that which feels great, then you are a little more buoyed and the leap becomes smaller. Being excited about moving in a direction which is right for you, just because you will feel great, is the next logical step, so that leap then transforms into an exciting step forward. There is no more leap. Just the next logical step.

5 Steps to Getting Aligned

So when you are faced with the next opportunity, don’t say you couldn’t do that. Instead, ask yourself, ‘How can I get comfortable with this idea?’

  1. Meditate, spend time just pondering, focus on your breath or enjoy nature. You will become a little more aligned and peaceful.
  2. Feel connected with the inner you by moving your mood to a great feeling place as often as you can.
  3. Understand you are not alone. Your Higher Self is with you all the time, to guide you and show you the opportunities that are yours.
  4. Get excited about anything. When you aren’t excited, your job is to get excited.
  5. Keep imagining. Dreaming, creating new and wonderful futures for yourself, as you create your own reality.

In this way, you will be excited about the next step and have faith that you are guided in a direction that is right for you. And then you will take a gently guided step forward.

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