Life Engineer

I’m a Life Engineer, Entrepreneur, a published Author, a Mother and well-practiced Optimist, dedicated in helping you create your very Best Reality.

As a child, I remember that whenever I had a physical hurt, I put my hands on it and started focusing on my breathing. I’d do it until the pain went away.I thought it was what everyone did. I now know that I was connecting with my Source Energy and that connection would bring me into balance which would quickly heal any pain I experienced.

It was natural when I was younger to offer an opinion of infinite wisdom to older people. When friends of my mother were discussing their problems, I would offer what, to me, seemed an obvious solution. They brushed it off quickly, saying I was too young to know anything. However, now that I have brought up my own kids, I often hear some profound insights coming from them at times, as well.

Different Perceptions

So what’s a Life Engineer? Someone who designs bridges. Not builds them. That’s up to you. A bridge is a connection from one point to another and a life engineer designs a bridge to take you from how you are feeling now, to where you would prefer to be. It is something you can do by yourself but it is quicker with the help of someone who can design the bridge for you. Often when you are not feeling so great, you can’t even understand where you want to be, so a Life Engineer can help with clarity and a new perspective. This is the bridge and it is solid and stable.

I knew that I perceived things differently when I was in my 30’s. Until then, I thought everyone was the same. I saw things in a much more simpler way than most. To explain it to others I would get pictures. For instance: a client of mine was stuck and  thinking and speaking her problem over and over. She couldn’t really hear the words I was saying so the picture I transcribed for her was like a ball of wool. She was standing amidst balls of wool that had unraveled and were tangled at her feet. She was trying to wind them all up and the more she did, the more tangled they would get.  Yet all she needed to do was step out of the wool mess and move on to something else. Rather than solve it, to leave it behind. She gained much clarity in the analogy and could build a bridge to the next part of her life.

Build a Bridge…

A life engineer designs a bridge by painting clarity and you, the client, builds that bridge to walk over. This is a collaborative affair and is very empowering.

We all have our own talents and abilities. The way we truly discover what we are good at, is by connecting with who we really are. As only 10% of our selves comes into human form, it makes sense that you would want to connect with the other 90% of us that is standing in clarity with a clear broader perspective of life. When you are standing on the ground floor, it’s difficult to see what’s on the top floor. When you connect via a bridge, you have a vantage point from the very top and there is so much more you can see.

So creating a bridge is not something you can’t do yourself, it’s just quicker with a Life Engineer.

We really are on the leading edge of reality and I know that what I do makes a difference; to me, those around me and to our non-physical selves. This is my contribution to the continual expansion of this joyful Universe.

Contact me to help you build your new Bridge. As the saying goes, “Build a bridge and get on over it”.