Allan Herring

Allan Herring

6D Therapist

I’m a 6D Therapist & Trainer, an Entrepreneur, a writer and dedicated healer, excited in sharing these life changing techniques with you.

Over the years I have come to understand that healing is not just physical. That is only a very small part. Even though pain is felt in the body, the cause wasn’t physical so the solution won’t be either. I now know the body as a unique, transformational, physical sense that is willing and able to heal under any and all circumstances.

A Little About Me

Having led both a corporate life and a physical one as a Swim Coach for many years, I was of the opinion that what you could see, was what existed. I lived that existence for many years, forever with a budding sense of unfulfilled fate. Until I met Gayle and life began to unfold in ways that were beyond the physical senses.

In 1994 my life changed when I met genius inventor & entrepreneur, Osteopath & Chiropractor, Dr Melvin M Stewart, then 76. He taught me his own method of manual therapy that became the cornerstone of 6D Therapy.

As an International Holistic Health Therapist with 6D Therapy, we have clients come from all over the world seeking relief from the pain that has persisted for many years. A gentle blend of physical, emotional and vibrational modalities combine to create a powerful healing influence.

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