6D being happy

Although you won’t be happy all the time, it’s really a lifestyle choice to be generally happy. It will take practice to develop a happy lifestyle pattern, but it is worth the effort.

unconditional giving

There are two types of giving. Unconditional and Conditional.

  • Unconditional is Spirit given and Conditional is man made.
  • Unconditional feels good immediately and Conditional has the promise of delayed gratification.
  • <li...

mood barometer

Sometimes we find ourselves lost and way off-track and we wonder how this happened so suddenly. Yesterday we were ok and today, we're lost. Our Mood Barometer is key to our understanding.

Being on track is rather like walking a well marked path through a familiar...

Higher Self Guidance

If we are being guided, then how do we recognize the guidance our Higher-Self is providing?

Less than 10% of who we are, incarnates into the physical world, the other 90% stays behind in non-physical to guide us. Which means we are never alone. Even when...

stop energy thieves

We've all experienced them. The people that seemingly suck the very energy right from under us. It's an emotional storm. This had happened to me many times before I had a vision in a meditation that changed my perspective and my life. This is what it looked like.
I was walking down the street...

alleviate fear, light your path

Let there be light. I often think about what it would be like to go to a new place and set up my life in totally unfamiliar territory. I have done that and I still ponder taking on this challenge again. It didn't always go according to plan. So that gives me not only a sense of the...


We all have expectations but how do we know which expectations are good for us and which ones aren't? I hear you say "Some are good and some are bad?" From a feel good point of view, some are much better than others. Now bad doesn't mean life threatening, but it does mean that they...