Why 6 Dimensions Of Healing Is For You 1

Building Bridges

Life is made up of a series of realities that are constantly changing. What determines your reality is where you have the control.

Building Bridges is about helping you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your reality is created from your vibration and your vibration is determined by your dominant mood. So when you feel good, your mood is in alignment with your Soul and you are creating an enlightening reality.

The opposite is also true. When your dominant mood is worry, your vibration becomes one of fear and you create a fearful reality with plenty to worry about. So your mood becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only person you ever have control over in your life is you. Your mood is what determines that control. You can’t control others, or the future. You can’t even control your own future. You only have control over the here and now. When you build bridges, it gives you the tools you need to create a better future.

The only way the past can have any influence on your future is if you are standing in your present, looking at a past you hated and allowing it to determine your mood right now. You can’t stare at something you don’t like and tell it to go away. Life doesn’t work like that. We are in an inclusion based Universe. So, whatever you focus on, you create more of, no matter what that is.

Why 6 Dimensions Of Healing Is For You 2
6D being happy

Master Your Mood

Become the person who chooses your mood and not the one who is controlled by moods.

Your dominating mood creates your vibration and your vibration is the determining factor for your reality. So when you take control of your mood, you are molding your reality into something that you want.

Many people mosey on through life and their mood bounces around from their observations in life. They wonder why their life unfolds the way it does and have no understanding that they are the creator of their own reality.

When you control your mood, you are determining your own reality and as you transform your life, you begin to live the life of your dreams.

Decipher Your Mood Map

Your Mood Map is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. It guides you along your life’s path and makes decision making easy.

You were born with your very own Mood Map. This is the internal guidance system that lets you know whether you are on track or not. Just like any map, there is a path and directions to get to your destination safely.

In this lifetime, your Mood Map is an essential guide to travelling your path. However, most people haven’t been taught how to read their map. Deciphering your own Mood Map is essential to your health and harmony.

Your Mood is directly related to your Emotions and when you are in a good mood, you feel good. When you are scared, you feel fearful. This emotion is letting you know where you are located on your path. The better you feel the closer you are to your life’s purpose and the worse you feel, the further you are away from your Higher Self.

So making a decision becomes easy, because you only need to determine which choice you have in front of you that feels better. This one or that one. You don’t need to look 10 years down the track and make sure you are heading in the right direction. Your source already knows the right direction and the map is helping you to stay on track.

Why 6 Dimensions Of Healing Is For You 3
Why 6 Dimensions Of Healing Is For You 4

Feel Empowered

We were born to make manifest the glory within. Nobody can tell us what that is. However, you can uncover these tools for yourself.

6 Dimensions of Healing doesn’t teach you what is right and what is wrong. We were all born with this innate sense. Instead, it enlightens you to the opportunities that await you. It helps you to redefine your dreams, goals and desires. And it gives you the tools necessary to live a life you really love.

You won’t find people telling you what to do. If this is what you are looking for, there are many courses and cults that do this. Instead, you will uncover your own truths and come to know your own path of fulfillment.