Mind-Body Connection

Did you know that what you think and how you feel, comes out in your body? It's a true indicator of the mind-body connection.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells that each have intelligence. They know exactly what they need to do to be in balance and create optimum health at any time. This is your peak...

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What Is 6 Dimensions Of Healing?

The 6 Dimensions of Healing are available in your life to create the love, health and prosperity you deserve. Your life is constantly changing, and when you understand how to consciously create your own reality, you then have the tools necessary to create a life that is worthy of who you really have become.

Whether you want rejuvenated health, loving relationships, financial abundance or outrageous happiness, 6 Dimensions of Healing is a...

Become the Master of your Reality

Whether you find it easy to feel good or whether you find it a challenge, the fact is that your mood, no matter what it is, creates your reality. Your reality (more…)

How To Feel Free and Worthy

Feeling Worthy Is Your Birthright.

Worthiness is an emotion you experience yourself, as nobody else can make you feel worthy. Just as nobody can make you feel unworthy. It is everyone’s birthright to feel worthy in every aspect of their...

Shine Your Light

Remember the Song, "When You're Smiling, The Whole World Smiles With You?" Well there is a lot of truth in that statement. Not because everyone in the world is smiling, but because your mood is emitting an etheric colored light beam. As your light shines, you are attracted to those who emit a similar color light beam, as they shine as well. <span aria-label="Continue reading Shine Your...

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A Comfort Zone is many things to many people but always, when you are faced with the unknown, there is a certain amount of trust that must come in to play to take the next step. But just who are you trusting and how do you know it’s safe?

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Benefits Of The 6 Dimensions

Create Your Reality

Your reality is created from your vibration and your vibration is determined by your dominant mood. Then you are aligned with your Souls purpose.

Master Your Mood

Your vibration determines your reality, so when you take control of your mood, you are molding the direction of your future.

Decipher Your Mood Map

A Mood Map is an essential guide to travelling your path. Make sure you know how to read your map.

Empower Yourself

It helps you to redefine your dreams, goals and desires. And it gives you the tools necessary to live a life you really love.

Design Your Future

Get excited in the designing phase and imagine your life with what you want in it, no matter whether people, places or objects.

Refine Your Focus

The reality that’s you are currently living was created by your focus in the past. Life is a series of constant manifestations and refining.

Opportunities may only knock once, but there's an endless stream of them
Gayle Maree


Healing Means Balance

Healing is a very intimate experience. It is extremely personal and different for everyone. When describing the act of healing, it is usually determined by how you feel in relationship to where you want to be. Healing is always about change...

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New Year and New Beginnings

Did you enter the New Year of 2019 with a big bang and a pocket full of intentions? You wouldn't be on your own. Usually people set their New Year's resolutions as a sort of wish list formed from past guilt.


Does Opportunity Only Knock Once?

Have you heard the saying "Opportunity only knocks once"? Or, my favorite, "You need to be ready so that when opportunity comes knocking on the front door, you're not out the back taking out the garbage". Even, "there is only ever a...

Health Benefits of Being Happy

Whether you run, ride, swim or walk, spending time in nature has health benefits. These are for longevity and go way beyond the vitamin pills

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I didn't know if 6 Dimensions of Healing could do anything for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I had suffered for years and couldn't even work anymore. I thought it was worth giving...

The Doctors Didn't Know What Was Wrong

A sore area was in the middle of my back for 6 months. I also noticed my eyes were a bit blurry. There had been many doctors visits and countless tests with no...

I Thought I Was Having A Heart Attack

Pain was running down my left arm and I couldn't lift it above my waist. I went to the hospital for a check up as I thought I might be having a heart attack. It wasn't...


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