Secrets Of Manifestation

Are there Secrets to Manifestation? There are. We call them secrets because few people are aware of the keys to manifestation and many can’t actually articulate them.

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Hi There!

It’s my guess that someone you trust mentioned 6 Dimensions of Healing, or you read my handbook. Either way, I’m really glad you’re here.

This site is full of wonderful ideas and opportunities to get you started along the path of your dreams. That’s right.

Every path begins with a single step and because you are here, you’ve already taken the first one.

I’m excited because I know what an incredible difference change makes in everyone’s life, especially change that is conscious and deliberate. This site is about helping you determine what is right for you as nobody knows the answer to that, except you.

Since you are constantly creating your own reality anyway, you will love knowing that you can create your Best Reality, effortlessly.

Mood Map

Just as your Mood Barometer translates emotions, you were also born with an internal Mood Map. (more…)

Methods of Relaxation

6 Easy Methods of Relaxation

Meditation is a term used for relaxing the body and releasing the mind from active thought. Fifteen minutes of meditation (more…)

Your Mood Creates Your Reality

Find the path to your best life by understanding the power of your own mood. (more…)

How Does 6 Dimensions of Healing Work?

There is a saying that goes, "If you lived your life 3 times, the first you would live for your family, the second for your friends and the third for yourself."
But only you know what you want from life. Your parents don't and nor do your friends. Believe it or not, nobody knows better than you.
So it's probably time to decide what you do want from life as you create your own luck.
If you would like more from life than you have now and If you would like the tools to create a life you love then 6 Dimensions of Healing is for you.


Creators of 6 Dimensions of Healing

Allan Herring

6D Therapist

I’m a 6D Therapist & Trainer, an Entrepreneur, a writer and dedicated healer, excited in sharing these life changing techniques with you. (more…)

Gayle Maree

Emotional Coach

I’m an Emotional Coach, an Entrepreneur, a writer, a mother and a well-practiced optimist, dedicated to helping you create your Best Reality. (more…)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I didn’t know if 6 Dimensions of Healing could do anything for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I had suffered for years and couldn’t even work anymore. I thought it was worth giving the clinic a try. I walked in tired and listless (more…)

The Doctors Didn’t Know What Was Wrong

A sore area was in the middle of my back for 6 months. I also noticed my eyes were a bit blurry. There had been many doctors visits and countless tests with no conclusions. I finally contacted 6 Dimensions of Healing. (more…)

I Thought I Was Having A Heart Attack

Pain was running down my left arm and I couldn’t lift it above my waist. I went to the hospital for a check up as I thought I might be having a heart attack. It wasn’t but the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had heard what 6 Dimensions of Healing had done (more…)

Recent Posts

16 Aug

What Does Your Perspective Mean?

You are displaying perspective when you walk into a party and state “Wow, those people are having fun. This is a great party.” You feel that way because you have subconsciously searched for those people at the party who are having fun. You may just as easily have looked to …

15 Aug

Why Do People Help Each Other?

It makes you feel good to help people. When someone is in need and you have the ability to fulfil that need, innately you feel good when that happens. Feeling good because of helping, physically increases the endorphins, the body’s natural happy hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system. …

30 Jul

How To Stop Seeing Negativity In Everything

People have both times of feeling positive and negative. It’s a part of being human.  There are periods when even the most positive people get on a downward spiral to a place of negativity that nobody wants to go. And it is a lonely place to be. A spiral of …

Why 6 Dimensions Of Healing Is For You

Design Your Future

As you are the creator of your reality, it makes sense that you are the one who designs your future. (more…)

Master Your Mood

Become the person who chooses your mood and not the one who is controlled by moods. (more…)

Empower Your Life

We were born to make manifest the glory within. Nobody can tell us what that is. However, you can uncover these tools for yourself. (more…)

Create Your Reality

Life is made up of a series of realities that are constantly changing. What determines your reality is (more…)

Decipher Your Mood Map

Your Mood Map is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. It guides you along your life’s path and makes decision making easy. (more…)

Refine Your Focus

What ever you focus upon, you create more of. As you focus upon what is wanted in your life, you create more of (more…)

Master Your Moods

Controlling your mood is the number one factor in creating a reality you truly love.
When you are in control of your mood, it doesn't mean that you will never feel angry again.
However, it does mean that when you do get angry, you can shift your mood quickly to a mood that is uplifting.
In this way, you won't allow the anger to take control and create momentum in a direction you don't want to go.

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