6 Dimensions of Healing

Change Your Reality and You Change Your Life

Find your purpose and create the life you were born to live. We help people use the 6 Dimensions of Healing within to create their very best reality.

5 Things You Need To Know

To live your life with meaning and purpose.

What are the 6 Dimensions?

These 6 Dimensions are a part of you and we are here to help you discover how you can begin to incorporate them into your life. Starting today.

Physical Dimension

The beliefs you hold about health have been formed many years ago. This has evolved from your history, as you have already created your own pattern of health. What you need to decide is whether the pattern you have developed, usually by default, is working for you or whether it’s time for something new.

Mental Dimension

Thinking is a part of being human. Your thoughts define you, as they are different from everyone else’s, even though you sometimes share opinions with others. You are the only person who can choose the thoughts you think, therefore you are the only one who determines your mood. Your dominant mood creates your reality.

Emotional Dimension

Your emotions are your connection with the Universe and with your Higher Self. They create the experiences that unfold as your life. So, your reality is essentially designed by your thoughts and emotions. Emotions are your indicator,  your guiding light down the path of life. They guide your direction and help you make choices that summon Universal energy in your direction.

Vibration Dimension

It’s when you’re inspired that the phone rings with an obscure opportunity that is always different to the one expected. An offer comes out of nowhere, or a chance meeting becomes a stepping-stone to something bigger. You’re inspired to go somewhere, or do something different from the usual. This method is known to us as ‘coincidence’, but is poignantly

Intention Dimension

It is your intentions that determine the outcome for your day. When your intentions are to have a great day, then you do. It’s when you don’t set your intentions that your default intentions become apparent.

You always have intentions, whether you are aware of them or not. So when you don’t consciously set your intentions, they travel on default settings. 

Attitude Dimension

It’s not how you present yourself to the world that defines you, but your reaction to what you notice. Attitude is your demeanor in life. It’s how you process what life has presented you with.

This is a learned behavior that has been cultivated over many lifetimes. Attitude doesn’t commence as an outward expression but an inward observation.

Gayle Maree & Allan Herring


We created 6 Dimensions of Healing with you in mind. With over 30,000 clients and an enormous amount of experience, we’ve put together this guide to understanding how to live life with purpose, meaning and healing. It’s a transformational experience.

Featured Products

Our backbone is 6 Dimensions of Healing© – handbook which combines all 6 Dimensions to create an empowering transformational tool. Leveraging Spirit© is the course that transforms relationships and helps people find purpose and meaning and our Mastermind is a comprehensive 9 month course for those who want to make the 6 Dimensions of Healing a part of their business.


Unlock the Inner Secrets of Why Your Life Unfolds the way it Does and Transform The Hidden Challenges That Are Keeping You From Living Your Purpose.

It will help you summon the energy of the Universe to Gain a New Understanding of all Your Relationships and How You Can Attract A Harmonious, Loving Partnership and live with purpose.

Leveraging Spirit

When we’ve had enough of pain from the past and want to find peace, then Leveraging Spirit is the tool of choice for transformation. To leverage our spirit is to take what we know and how we feel and use the leverage of our inner wisdom to grow and develop who we were born to be.


Combining the power of the 6 Dimensions of Healing with 6D Therapy to create a complete healing method for both individuals and professional therapists.

Happiness is adding the pieces together

We all have pieces in our lives that are working and others that aren’t. Leveraging Spirit gathers those valuable pieces together and binds them beautifully with the strength and wisdom of the soul.

Mood Mastery

Your mood is the key to manifesting a life you love. When you gain the skill of mastering your mood, you have developed the tools necessary to attract and achieve your higher purpose in life.

I wanted to add 6D Therapy to my healing business. My clients love it and they really benefit both emotionally and physically. It was worth so much more to my business and worth every cent.


I loved the book and so I enrolled for Leveraging Spirit. There were so many aha moments that fitted in my life. Because of these insights, my whole life has changed. It’s easier, more fun and so freeing. 


A friend gifted me the book and I was amazed at how it spoke to me. I wanted to move beyond the pain of the past and Leveraging Spirit was the course that transformed my life from drab to fab.


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